Twenty-one year old Kitty Jane is an exotic beauty from the Czech Republic. This tall nymphet has a voracious appetite for sex. When she can't get the real thing, she uses toys and her fingers to bring her horny pussy to orgasm. "I do masturbate every day. I know most girls in this business say that, but I actually do. My day just isn't the same if I don't start it out with an orgasm," Kitty told us during the interview. Lucky for her, we brought in the "real thing" for her today. And she pounced on him like a cat on a mouse. Kitty couldn't keep her hands off of this horny stud. She had his cock out before he even realized what was going on.

After some heated licking and sucking, Kitty got on her knees and lifted her skirt up around her waist. She hadn't even worn panties under her skirt so her pussy was ready and waiting, already moist and eager to feel that hard dick slide inside. With her perfect ass pushed out behind her, she wiggled her hips as her lover ran the head of his dick up and down her wet slit. I could see her pushing closer to him trying to sink his cock into her warm, wet hole, but he kept pulling back just enough that Kitty couldn't get the penetration that she so badly wanted. He teased her pussy and it was just driving her wild, making her want it even more. You could see the pure animal lust in her eyes as she turned to him and demanded "Just fuck me!"

Before he satisfied her request, the guy grabbed Kitty by the hips and flipped her over onto her back. He hooked an arm under one of her long legs, still covered in her sexy white thigh high stockings, and pushed just the tip of his hard cock into her moist hole. Kitty immediately let out a soft moan and threw her head back as she pushed her hips harder into her lover, trying to get him inside of her. She glided her fingers across her swollen clit and thick pussy lips, and I could see her hole contracting around the head of his dick, trying to pull him in deeper. He wasn't quite done with teasing her yet though, and her desire was growing strong with every second that she couldn't feel his rock-hard cock moving in and out of her aching pussy. Kitty was so turned on by then that I would be willing to bet that she would cum the second he really started fucking her. If you want to find out for yourself, go to You'll find the entire hardcore photo set and video, along with 1,000+ other hot and horny girls... guaranteed to stir your own desires.
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Black haired babe Jessie Marie is only twenty, but she works the camera like she's got 10 years of experience under her belt. She was especially looking forward to this shoot since it would be the first time she gets to try out the infamous Magic Wand... a vibrator so powerful it makes girls squirt without even trying. "I've been wanting to try one ever since I first heard about it... I can't wait!" she told us. She could barely even keep her clothes on, so eager to get to the good part. Jessie had her panties half-way down her legs in no time, kicking back on the bed in nothing but an over-sized t-shirt. She rolled onto her side, showing off that delicious ass with her little pink pussy peeking out.

When it was finally time to turn on the Magic Wand, Jessie didn't even take the time to remove her shirt. She put it to her pussy and immediately let out an exhilarated gasp. Running it back and forth over her pussy and clit, I could see her pink parts swelling before my eyes. "This is even better than I had imagined!" Jessie told us. She was so unused to the intensity that she had to keep pausing and pulling the vibrator away from her swollen pussy. It was as if she couldn't decide if it was too much pleasure for her to keep going. It didn't take her long to get used to it though, and soon her hips were wiggling back and forth while the toy glided across her tiny twat, hitting every exposed inch.

Jessie finally stripped off her shirt and knelt down on the bed. Using a pillow to prop her up in the front, she reached the Magic Wand between her spread legs with her ass in the air. She was really getting into it now, having adjusted to the intensity and focusing fully on her clit. Her hips were rocking back and forth, doing most of the work while she held the wand in one spot. As her clit moved over the head of the vibrator, her hips started moving faster and her breathing was getting very heavy. I could see her tight little ass clenching even tighter and for a moment I even got a little envious, wishing I could know what it feels like. "I usually only cum once... a guy has to be something pretty special in order for me to have more than one orgasm. But I bet I could cum again and again with this thing. Now I'm going to have to buy one for myself!" she told us during a pause. You can see this little hottie in action, enjoying the intense pleasure of her first Magic Wand experience, only at

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Meet twenty-two-year-old Reese from Russia. She is one girl who truly has the complete package; she's young, blonde, beautiful, and has a body that is out of this world. Her sensual, womanly curves and hour glass figure were accentuated by the tight pink t-shirt and short pink skirt Reese was wearing. The pretty pink color made Reese's bronzed, tanned skin glow, especially with the sun light that was streaming in through the bedroom window. Reese crawled across her bed like a naughty sex kitten, her eyes sparkling as she smiled a dazzling white smile to the man standing before her, capturing every sexual move on his flashing camera.

As she struck a variety of sexy and tempting poses on the white bedspread, Reese looked so seductive that she actually seemed to be oozing with sex appeal. Especially when she lifted her t-shirt and flashed the camera with her amazing pair of full, round breasts that made you want to just burry your head in them and never come up for air. Reese pulled the t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor in an erotic strip tease fashion. Topless then, Reese turned around and lifted the back of her pink mini skirt, exposing a pair of white booty shorts along with a booty that was just too sexy for words. The man behind the camera must have been thinking something similar because just then he asked her if she minded slipping the panties off and leaving the skirt on. Reese smiled sweetly at him and said; "You must have a fetish for mini skirts too." Still smiling, Reese then rolled over onto her back and stretched her legs up into the air, her toes pointed. She then reached underneath her skirt and started to slide off her panties, just as her photographer friend had asked her to do.

The white panties dropped to the floor and Reese's hot pink pussy became exposed for a brief second.
But then Reese quickly pulled herself back up went right into another series of sensual and naughty poses on the bed as her nice, big tits bounced and her skirt flew up and down with every move she made, consequently flashing her shaved pussy in the most teasing and erotic way. The camera man didn't miss a single move of Reese's sexually explicit strip tease. You can see even more of this blonde bombshell right now-go to to see it all! (Plus a bunch of other hot and naughty nymphets as well!)

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19 year old Kiera Winters is about as sexy as they come. She likes to play naughty in the bedroom, but loves to play naughty outside of the bedroom. "That's one of my favorite things to do sexually," she tells us. "I like to find new and exciting places to have sex." She proves her point today when she heads to the kitchen for some wet pussy play. As she turns around, Kiera pulls her denim shorts down, revealing the fact that she's not wearing any panties under them. Her perfect round ass peeks out from the top of her shorts, as the outline of her hard nipple shows through her thin white cotton tank top.

Kiera removes her shorts completely and heads for the kitchen sink, still wearing her flimsy top. She grabs the faucet sprayer and adjusts the water to a luke-warm temperature. Then she aims the sprayer toward her chest and pulls the trigger. Water splashes everywhere and Kiera is giggling like a schoolgirl. "I wasn't expecting it to spray that hard!" she laughs. Then she lets up on the pressure a little and lets the water dribble out over her tits and stomach. The soaked cotton tank top clings to her wet body and shows off every curve with perfection. Her hard nipples strain against the wet fabric, giving a perfect outline of those sexy little pearls. If you look closely, you can even see where the cotton clings to her pussy, doing it's best to get a taste of the silky sweetness between her legs.

After she's thoroughly soaked, Kiera peels off her sopping wet tank top and hops onto the kitchen counter. Her ripe young body is completely naked now and as she spreads her legs, I finally get a good look at that sweet pink pussy. I can only imagine how tight her hole is and how good it would feel wrapped around my tongue. I can see her clit is already a bit swollen and I can't help but wonder if she's even more aroused than she lets on. As she reaches for the faucet sprayer once again, Kiera says "I've never done this in the kitchen sink before.. only the bathtub. But I've always wanted to try!" If you want to see what naughty things Kiera does next, go to, bringing you three new fresh-faced girls every week.

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Jessie Marie is a 20 year old cutie with smooth caramel colored skin and a smile that can stop a man in his tracks. This little hottie was so excited for her shoot. She's been modelling for a while, but still gets plenty nervous. "I don't even know why it still makes me anxious. I guess I'm always afraid of messing up or something. But I have so much fun doing it... nerves and all," she laughs, wiggling out of her skin-tight jeans. I'm not sure why she gets so worried about it though; Jessie is a natural when it comes to posing sexy. Still wearing her blue cotton panties and baby blue tee, she flopped back on the sofa bench with one of her electrifying smiles. She worked her panties over her hips and down her legs to her ankles. Jessie leaned back and lifted her legs straight toward the ceiling, stretching her panties between them. Her fresh pink pussy was on full display, completely shaved and looking so tempting!

Jessie continued with her provocative poses, laughing and chatting the whole time. She's got an incredible personality... so happy and always laughing and smiling. And sexy as hell at the same time. "I hardly ever get grumpy or mad," Jessie had told us during the interview. "If I ever get mad at somebody, you know they've done something really wrong." She kicked her panties off to the side and slowly lifted her t-shirt off over her head. Her titties were so happy to be free that her nipples immediately grew hard. Kneeling in the bench, Jessie showed off her petite body, now fully naked. From her full ripe tits with their over-sized areolas and perky little nipples, to her flat toned stomach with it's sexy pierced belly button, to her tight shaved pussy hidden between her shapely hips and legs... this girl has an amazing body.

Jessie shifted her body around so that her booty was pointed straight at the camera. Leaning forward onto her hands, she pushed her ass out behind her and looked over her shoulder right into the camera. Such a hot little ass... curvy and round but so tight at the same time. Both of her fuck-holes peeked out from between her cheeks, with her tiny pink pussy lips parted just enough to show off the tightness of her young pussy. "Now is when I really get nervous," she says with a timid laugh. "Whenever I'm completely naked in front of a camera I feel sort of vulnerable." Nervous or not, Jessie was doing great and except for the fact that she kept voicing it, I couldn't even tell she was uneasy at all. She moved so freely and smoothly and held nothing back... just the kind of model we love to work with. If you want to get to know sweet, sexy Jessie even better, go to, bringing you fresh new models every week.

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Reese is a hot, little nymphet from Russia who can't wait to strip and seduce a very lucky person tonight. The reason this twenty-two year old sex kitten is so excited to get home and get naked is that Reese has a new admirer living in the apartment across the way from her own apartment and she just recently discovered that he's been watching her through the window. Reese found this out a few nights ago when she was lounging in her living room, on her red chair, enjoying a glass of red wine, wearing nothing but a silk robe. Reese suddenly noticed the man watching her intently. But surprisingly, she didn't feel creeped out at all by it. In fact, she felt quite the opposite; she felt aroused. Reese realized that she must have some sort of fetish. A fetish for playing peek-a-boo with her peeping Tom. Reese decided not to let him know that she'd found him watching her. It was a fun game. A game that made her crazy horny! So horny in fact, that when Reese had gone to bed that night, she'd ended up masturbating most of the night away! So tonight, Reese was feeling frisky again and so she decided to give her naughty neighbor another naughty show and perhaps give herself something naughty as well!

She started her seduction by walking around the living room in a sensual way that showed off her voluptuous body in a denim, button-up top that revealed her flat stomach and accentuated her curvy bosom. Along with a pair of jeans that were so tight, her peeping Tom must have wondered how she ever got herself into them. Reese was having fun teasing him, strutting her stuff in front of the large window. Yet at the same time, she felt herself becoming aroused again. Just the thought of his eyes all over her body, watching her every move made her feel indescribable. Reese went to the same red chair she'd been sitting in the first night she saw him. On the chair, Reese positioned herself up on her knees, while smiling to herself; she knew how hot she looked. Reese decided to turn the heat up even more. Slowly, she started unbuttoning her top. Then she let it fall open, exposing a camouflage bikini top that covered very little of her very large pair of beautiful breasts. Reese fanned herself with her hand as if to say she was so hot she just had to take more clothes off. So off went her jeans then, leaving Reese in only a very sexy and very skimpy bikini. But Reese didn't stop there either. She was really going for it tonight. Her hands were all over her body, rubbing, caressing, tickling. Then suddenly, Reese found herself pulling down the sides of her bikini top and letting her big breasts pop out, hard nipples and all! Startled by her own actions, Reese looked up quickly only to find herself staring directly into the blue, lust-filled eyes of her admirer.

Reese felt embarrassed for about two seconds and she quickly looked away. But then she thought; "Why not? This could be fun! And its so hot!" So after that, there was nothing left to hold her back. Reese faced the window, stood, and unhooked her bikini top. She let it fall to the floor and fully exposed her amazing rack. Then, topless, Reese reached over to turn up the volume on her Ipod. Letting the sensual music flow over her. Reese closed her eyes and slowly began moving her body to the music. Soon she was dancing an erotic strip tease for her captivated onlooker. Reese showed him everything. She even let him see some of her impressive yoga positions that showed off her incredible flexibility. By the time she was fully naked, Reese was so turned on, she knew she couldn't wait a minute longer. So, Reese spread her legs open wide and surrendered herself to the lustful desire that had been building inside her all night. She rubbed her horny pussy and felt the wetness grow, along with her pleasure. And even though she could only see her admirer's face, Reese knew it when they both climaxed at the exact same moment. You can find even more of this sexually explicit material and much more, right now at
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Kiera Winters is a nineteen year old hottie from the U.S. She's still pretty new to modelling, and I for one am glad we caught her when we did. She still has that fresh look about her, that air of uncertainty and innocence. "I still get pretty self conscious during shooting, you know, with all the people and the cameras and lights. But after it's all done I get this like exhilarated feeling," Kiera admits. All I know is that this girl is hot as hell, especially in that sexy little pink satin number she's wearing for this shoot. I'm not even sure what you would call those stockings she's got on, but they bring all sorts of naughty images to my mind.

Kiera has an amazing body, but her eyes are just mesmerizing. I'm not the type to stare into a girl's eyes when she's standing in front of me half-naked. But when Kiera looks at me with that intense gaze, I practically don't even see the rest of her. I mean, here's a chick with a perfect pair of tits, all perky and round and still innocent of all the dirty things that will be done to them at some point. And those nipples... so pink and puffy and just the right size for nibbling on. That firm, smooth 19-year-old body and stomach leading to long, slender legs. And all I can do is drool over her eyes. I guess I don't feel too bad about it though. She did tell me before the shoot, "I get more compliments on my eyes than anything else. And I'm glad because they're my favorite part of me too". Maybe it's just because all those people who compliment her eyes just haven't seen her naked yet.

As she removes her satin and lace bra and mini-skirt, Kiera starts talking about her lingerie collection. "I've got a lot of lingerie, but I'm sort of a bra and panties addict. I've got over a hundred matching sets and I never go anywhere without matching bra and panties." As she talks, Kiera relaxes on the bed. Her little pink nipples have gotten a little harder, and her tits are looking as perky and ripe as ever. Her legs are bent in a way that allows me to admire her ass. And I've got to say... that's one fine ass! My only complaint is that I can't see what she's hiding between her legs. Kiera is so sensually beautiful that she just leaves me wanting more. If you want to see more of this gorgeous girl, head over to and check out her entire collection.

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20 year old Jessie Marie is a bit of a romantic in her every-day life. She loves walks on the beach, soap operas, sweet nothings whispered in her ear... all the little things that make her heart flutter. Until she gets a guy into the bedroom, that is. Forget about all the teasing and foreplay... this naughty Nubile loves to get down and dirty. "I get so turned on when a guy just throws me down on the bed and rips off my clothes and ravages me," Jessie giggles. "I need to be romanced into bed, but once we get there, I'm like... Just fuck me and fuck me hard!" She got straight down to business for this hardcore photo shoot, pushing her stud onto his back on the bed and swallowing his cock like she was starving. With her dress up around her waist and her ass in the air, Jessie eagerly licked and stroked his hard dick with her wet tongue.

Jessie pulled off her striped cotton panties with one hand while the other was still wrapped around her man's prick, stroking him with a firm grip. Then she straddled his hips and thrust her wet pussy down onto his thick cock, riding him reverse-cowgirl style. Propping herself up on her hands behind her, Jessie buried his dick all the way in her hole until her clit slapped against his balls. She started riding his cock harder as her breathing got louder and heavier, and before I knew it, moans were escaping from Jessie's lips. "I can't believe how good this feels!" she gasped between heavy breaths.

Just then, the guy grabbed Jessie by the hips and pulled her off of his cock, turning her around to lay back on the bed. He grabbed hold of her leg and threw it up over his shoulder, sliding his cock into her dripping pussy at the same time. Jessie let out a loud moan as it pushed all the way in, losing herself in the heat of intense fucking. She reached one hand around her leg and spread her pussy open wider. Her other hand was playing with her nipples, pinching and rolling them between her fingers. She spread her shapely legs open wider and started thrusting her hips, letting his cock sink into her fuck-hole as deep as it would go. Jessie was on her way to orgasm and loving every second. You'll find the entire hardcore set and video only at, updated with three hot and horny girls every week.

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Angel Piaff is one sexy twenty year old! She's got an incredible body... I mean, just look at how her ass looks in that leopard-print thong. Oh, the dirty things I would do to that ass! As amazing as it is though, it's not Angel's favorite body part. "I actually think my eyes are my best feature. Eyes are always the first thing I notice on a guy, too," she shares. As she glances over her shoulder into the camera, I notice that her eyes really are sexy. But I still can't help but drool over that perfect ass.

After we admired her delicious booty for several minutes, we had Angel turn around and sit on the stool so we could ooh and ahh over her front side. All the best parts of her tight body were still concealed by her lingerie. Angel leaned back and spread her legs open. As hard as I tried though, I couldn't see her pussy through the sheer animal-print fabric. The way it hugged her pussy and then disappeared under her ass was very arousing though. "You know, I don't normally wear lingerie," she tells us. "I think I might start though. I feel really sexy in this one!" I couldn't agree more.

Angel caressed her soft bare skin up and down her body while we shot lots of photos. Soon her hands worked their way up to her tits and she slipped a finger into the front of her top. I could see her finger moving back and forth and I could only assume (or maybe hope is a better word) that she was playing with her nipple. By the time she had pulled the straps off of her shoulders and the front of her top down, her little pink nipples were nice and perky. Angel sat forward and rested on her hands, squeezing her boobs together in the process. It made her tits look even better, so big and full. I just wanted to run my tongue down the cleavage she was creating by sitting like that. The look in her eyes said she really needed to get off. "Normally by this time I would have already had my daily orgasm, but I figured I'd just wait til you could take pictures of me doing it," Angel said. I must have had an intrigued expression on my face because she quickly added "Yes, I usually masturbate every day." To see the complete sexy set
go to, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Victoria Cheeks is an 18 year old American cutie with an incredible natural body. She keeps her curvy body in such great shape by skateboarding and snowboarding whenever she can. "Not only are those my favorite things to do, but that's also where I meet most of the guys I've dated. And girls," she tells us. Victoria shows off her hot natural body in nothing but thin white panties after she removes her bra. I must say, her tits are simply amazing! So full and ripe and delicious-looking. I could spend hours playing with that perfect pair of boobs and little pink nipples.

Victoria runs her hands up and down her body, caressing nearly every inch of her soft skin. As she slips her fingers inside the waistband of her panties, she turns around so her back is to us. Slowly she slides the panties down onto her hips, exposing a tight firm ass with the cutest dimples seated just above. I'm not normally one to notice a girl's back, but even her back is making me very aroused. I could picture myself running my tongue down it all the way to that sweet booty of hers. Victoria pulls her panties all the way down and kicks them off to the side. She opens the shower curtain and bends over to start running a bath, and what a view!

After the bath is full and the bubbles sufficiently foamy, Victoria climbs in and lowers herself into the warmth of the sudsy water. She sits on her heels so that the water is just barely tickling her horny pussy. "I have been looking forward to this all day!" she tells us. "The bathtub is my favorite place to masturbate. It's so relaxing and it makes my pussy tingle." She gives a sort of embarrassed giggle and flashes one of her innocent looks at the camera, but I already know this girl is far from innocent. The bubbles are beginning to wrap around her legs, clinging to silkiness between her legs. I never wanted to be bath bubbles until now and I can feel my curiosity rising, wondering what naughty things Victoria is going to do next. If you want to see more too, go to You'll find the entire sexy set and thousands more!

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