Nineteen-year-old Addison Dark is a dark haired, dark eyed beauty from Romania. She is a very good student and her favorite subject is French. Addison has it all; brains. beauty, and body. Yes, if you have not yet noticed, Addison has a super hot and petite body that could be described as bite sized or the perfect spinner body. Addison looked especially hot in this naughty photo shoot of her dressed up in a hot pink tank top and denim shorts that were so short that her perfectly curvy butt cheeks peeked out of the bottom. "I love to wear sexy clothes that accentuate my body." Addison said. "It is such a thrill to see how many heads I can turn. Sometimes my friends and I like to play this game when we go out. We see how many guys will come up to us in one night out. Whichever girl has the most guys come up by the end of night wins the game." Addison giggled before adding, "I usually win."

Addison got in front of the camera and immediately turned into a naughty little sex kitten. She tossed her waist long hair over her shoulders as she straddled the side of a chair, arched her back, and stuck out her curvaceous booty. Then she hopped up and began her strip tease by pulling up her tank top and revealing her pair of full, ripe breasts and pink, hard nipples. "My favorite parts of my body are my stomach and my tits." Addison said as she caressed her nice titties. "I have the biggest tits out of all my friends." She said proudly. Then she ran her hands over her flat tummy and pierced naval and began unbuttoning her jean shorts.

Addison shorts fell to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of them and sat down in a nearby chair. Addison then spread her legs open wide to the camera and revealed that the little black thong she was wearing had a cut-out right down the middle. Her hot pink pussy was fully exposed and fully shaved. Addison reached down and spread open her pink pussy lips with both hands, exposing the silky wetness within. If you would like to see more of the sexy Addison Dark then check out right now for more hot, naked girls.
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Addison Dark is nineteen years old and she is from Romania. She's five feet, three inches of pure adorable hotness from head to toe. She has long dark locks that fall all the way down to her tiny waist, a gorgeously sensual face, a sweet, angelic smile, and a petite, tight, little body that makes you imagine railing it in every sexual position possible. Addison Dark also has a super sweet personality to go along with her exotic beauty. She is indeed a rare find and we feel pretty damn lucky to have her in bed with us! Especially since Addison was wearing this sexy, white and black lingerie that showed her pink nipples poking through the sheer material, straining to get free. "Its not like I am going to keep this thing on for very long anyway." Addison joked as she examined her nipples which were staring back at her in the mirror.

Addison gave the camera a sultry look that could stop traffic. Then she began slowly sliding her lingerie straps off of her shoulders, one by one. The top soon fell and Addison's tits became free. They were full, perky, just the right size for her body type, and so so sexy. Addison licked one of her fingers and brought it down to touch one of her nice sized, pink nipples. She repeated the motion with the other hand and the other nipple. Then Addison caressed her areolas until they stood out, hard and extended. Addison then smiled a sensual smile into the camera. Playing with her nipples always made Addison horny.

Addison continued her strip tease with a series of seductive poses in different states of undress, each pose more seductive than the last. Finally, Addison found herself completely stark naked on the bed with all of her hotness on full display. The camera loved her and she loved the camera back. There was no part of her hot body that Addison did not show off for the camera. She put it all out there and it was all smoking hot. Addison finally lay back on the bed and made herself comfortable with her nice legs stretched out in front of her. And the camera just kept on shooting. See all of Addison's sexually explicit positions for yourself in this naughty photo set, only at
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Addison Dark loves to get hot and heavy in the bedroom with a guy who really knows how to make her toes curl. She also loves getting onto her hands and knees and taking his big cock into her hungry mouth and licking it all over like a lollipop.Of course her lover had no problem getting his big cock nice and hard for her the second he saw Addison in her black, lace lingerie that pushed up her nice rack into delectable looking cleavage and her bedroom eyes that told him she was ready and willing to take him right here, right now. She trailed her tongue from his balls up to the tip of his dick and back again, giving him one of the best blow jobs he had ever had before. He loved it and couldn't get enough of it. That is until about fifteen minutes later when Addison withdrew her mouth, looked up into his eyes and said, "My turn!"

Addison's lover was more than happy to return the favor of oral pleasure. First he peeled down the top of her lace lingerie and released Addison's full, ripe breasts. He caressed them sensually and pinched her pink nipples. Addison loved his technique; it was making her crazy horny! He slid his hands down the length of her torso and then, slowly, he parted her thighs with his hands so that he had full access to all the silky wet goodies between her legs. He trailed his tongue from Addison's horny, pink clit down the wet and sticky slit and then back again. Addison couldn't help herself from moaning with pleasure.

After he had licked her hot pussy for a few more minutes, Addison had the uncontrollable urge to feel him deep inside of her. She sat up and looked straight into his eyes and told him of her urge, "I want to feel your cock deep inside my wet pussy right now!" He didn't mess around or waste even one second. How could he after that request? He immediately positioned himself behind her almost naked body in sideways doggy style position. He then grabbed one of Addison's thighs and pulled it up to give himself more leverage. Then he slid his hard dick deep inside her wet and ready box just like she'd wanted. And it was everything, if not more, she had expected it to be. Watch this hardcore video plus much much more naughty videos and picture sets, only at
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