Alisa Cage was looking drop dead sexy for this naughty photo session in the kitchen. She was dressed to impress in her smoking hot, black leather cat woman costume. The eighteen year old hottie from Russia acted the part perfectly, swinging her black tail and purring like a horny sex kitten. The leather costume zipped up the front and skimmed the top of her nice legs which looked even nicer in the high-heeled, black ankle boots she wore. Alisa's jet black hair that fell down her back in soft waves contrasted beautifully with her pearly white skin. Alisa stood in the kitchen giving the camera her best 'fuck me' eyes. She had every male on the set drooling over her and watching her every sensual move. When Alisa reached down unzip her costume, I swear I heard jaws hit the floor.

Alisa wore nothing underneath her costume so when she slipped it all the way off she was left standing there naked in only her ankle boots and black leather gloves. Alisa slithered down to the floor, still playing the part of cat woman. She got down on her hands and knees and arched her back, showing off her amazing ass in perfect doggy style position. Then Alisa turned up the heat a little more by reaching both hands back to spread her nice ass open wide. She looked up to give the camera a naughty smile and spread herself open even more. Her shaved pussy everything else was on full display. "This is the perfect anal position isn't it?" Alisa said laughing mischievously. Again I heard jaws hit the floor.

Alisa got up off of the floor then and crawled up onto the counter top. Giving the camera the full frontal shot from this angle. "I think tan lines are so sexy." Alisa said after looking down to check herself out. "Don't you?" They were definitely sexy on her but then again, what wasn't? Alisa smiled and spread her legs open wide enough to rest one on each side of the counter. Then she reached under one leg to spread her horny pussy open and show off how hot and pink it was inside her. See even more of Alisa Cage right now at
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Alisa Cage is a sexy eighteen year old from Russia. The brunette babe enjoys cooking, ice skating, and music. And in this particular photo shoot, Alisa enjoyed dressing her hot self up like a sexy zebra. Zebra print stockings with black garters attached to a zebra print strapless top. The lingerie made her look wild and sexy. Something about animals prints. It is definitely a fetish. "Yes, actually I think I do have a fetish for animal prints!" Alisa exclaimed when asked. "Zebra prints, leopard prints, cheetah prints, anything like that I think is hot." Alisa certainly looked hot in her zebra print ensemble but I had a feeling Alisa was about to look even hotter once she started taking the zebra print outfit off.

First, Alisa pulled down her top and let her full pair of round tits pop out the top. Then she peeled the top all the way off and lounged in her chair, topless, showing off her pearly white skin. Alisa then draped her legs over the arms of the chair and began peeling off her zebra print panties. Her exposed pussy was completely shaved. Alisa spread her legs open wide and leaned back in the chair with a sensual look on her pretty face. Then she reached down and started peeling off one of the zebra print stockings.

Alisa tossed the discarded stocking over an arm of the chair. Then she got up to reposition herself in the doggy style position. "This is my all time favorite position." Alisa said. She then stuck her nice round booty up in the air and arched her back erotically. Then she produced a green toy from somewhere in the chair. With a naughty smile on her face, Alisa reached down to touch the toy to her horny pussy. "I'm already all wet." She said giggling. Watch Alisa get herself even more wet, only at
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