Allie James is a busty blonde babe from upstate New York. She worked on her Father's farm there until just recently when she finally turned eighteen. "I used to have to milk the cows and feed the chickens and the horses every single morning at the crack of dawn." Allie told us, "I was always counting down the days until I turned eighteen so I could take off and become a model." And now Allie's dreams have finally come true. Fresh faced and barely legal; Allie James has all the right qualities to become a nude modeling sensation. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, creamy white skin, and womanly curves in all the right places; Allie has got the looks, the body, and the sex appeal. "I have always dreamed of becoming a nude model." Allie said, "And I figured I might be good at it because all the boys were always trying to get me naked back on the farm.". And with that Allie pulled her top up over her head and displayed an amazing pair of full, luscious breasts with nicely sized pink nipples.

Topless, Allie ran her fingers lightly over her bouncing titties and twisted both her pink nips, making them hard in the centers. The camera men were going wild snapping pictures and capturing video, moving around, trying to get the best angles of Allie's sexual seduction. Slowly, she started moving her hands from her large breasts, downward, over her tummy, and resting them on the waist of her pink short shorts. She toyed with the button, teasing the cameras like a strip tease pro. Both camera men held their breath as Allie slowly unbuttoned and unzipped. Finally she peeled the shorts down to her thighs and Allie's completely shaved pussy was fully exposed. It did not disappoint.

Now completely naked, Allie got onto her hands and knees and crawled to the side of the bed where she reached down to pick something up off of a pillow. She held the retrieved object behind her back for a few seconds, savoring the moment of undivided attention. All eyes were on her as she slowly moved the object to the front and center; displaying a good sized pink rubber dildo. Allie smiled a deliciously naughty smile and went to work soaking the toy with her mouth. When it was dripping wet Allie turned around so that her curvy, round ass was facing the camera in doggy style position. Slowly, she slipped the wet toy into the pink slit between her legs and let out a soft moan of delight. See the rest of this smoking hot video and photo set right now, only at
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Allie James is an eighteen year old hottie with a banging body. She loves oral sex. Giving and receiving. "I can give a mean blow job." Allie said proudly to her fuck buddy as they got ready for their sex scene, "And by 'mean' I mean 'outstanding'. At least that is what I've been told by every guy I've ever gone down on. And I'll be honest, I've gone down on quite a few guys." Allie giggled and then added, "There isn't a whole lot to do out in the country!" (She grew up on a farm in upstate New York) Allie continued; "Milking a cow is in many ways the same as giving a blow job." She explained, "Except that with a blow job you use your mouth but basically your working to achieve the same goal. You want it to squirt out a tasty white liquid." As soon as Allie said this, her fuck buddy's cock turned instantly hard. Boing!

And then they were off! Allie went right into action. She got down on her knees, took his hard cock in her mouth and showed him exactly what she meant by giving a 'mean' blow job. And he loved it. With his dick in her mouth, his hands were all over her voluptuous naked body. He loved caressing her bouncing ripe breasts, round curvy hips, milky white thighs, and soft juicy ass. Before long, Allie was sucking him so good that he had to make her stop to keep from blowing his load after only a few minutes of deep throating pleasure. Allie smiled up at him and said; "I told you I was good!" He smiled back at her and layed her down on the couch. Allie parted her thighs for him and he slid his massive hard-on into her silky wet pussy. Allie gasped with surprise and delight at how amazing he felt.

Allie and her lover fucked in missionary position for quite awhile. He started out slowly and sensually but soon Allie was begging him to fuck her harder. So he did. He pumped away, in and out, pounding her horny pussy harder and harder until Allie felt herself reaching the most mind blowing orgasm she had ever experienced. "That was so amazing!" Allie exclaimed, gasping for breath. But they weren't done yet. Not even close. "Let's do it doggy style now." Allie said excitedly. She was ready for another one of those amazing orgasms. You can watch this hardcore video for yourself right now! It is only at
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