Blonde babe, Amanda Blake is bringing out her inner naughty school girl in this smoking hot photo and video shoot. The twenty-one year old hottie from Hungary is dressed in a red and white plaid crop top and matching ruffled mini skirt. Her tanned, flat stomach and washboard abs are fully exposed along with her juicy thighs and curvy hips. Amanda sat in a black chair at a glass table writing in a notebook and looking extremely sexy. Her long blonde hair fell all the way down to her small waist and she smiled her dazzling white smile right at the camera.

Amanda put down her notebook, stood up, and began her erotically strip teasing for the camera. First she untied her top from the front and let her pair of perky, ripe breasts escape the confines of the material. Then, topless, Amanda swayed her hips back and forth as she began sliding off the tiny skirt. It fell to the floor, leaving Amanda standing there in nothing but a white g-string thong. Amanda then crawled up onto the glass table and spread her hot body out on her stomach with her curvy round ass fully exposed in the white thong. She had a very sexy tattoo at the small of her back. Amanda wrote something down in her notebook before throwing a seductive look over her shoulder to the camera.

Amanda then turned over onto her back. She started caressing her bare breasts and twisting her pink nipples, making them nice and hard. Then she ran her hands down her tummy and under her white panties. She brought her legs up and pulled the panties down around her thighs. Her legs were spread open wide and her pink pussy was fully displayed and fully shaved. Amanda then touched her finger to her clit and closed her eyes. As she rubbed her horny pussy Amanda started moaning. See this naughty photo and video shoot for yourself right now, only at
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Twenty-one year old Amanda Blake from Hungary is one hot ass blonde babe. Her tight body has curves in all the right places and her long blonde hair is a dynamic combination of pure sex appeal. "Men just can not resist my sexuality." Amanda told us. "Older men, younger men, rich men, all men. They all want me!" She said in a sensual voice, laughing lightly. And we could certainly see why men can't resist her. Amanda definitely had it going on, especially in this naughty photo shoot of Amanda dressed in nothing but a sheer pink leotard and nothing else but a seductive smile.

As soon as the camera was in position and shooting, Amanda began sliding the straps of the leotard off her shoulders. She pulled it down below her pair of perky breasts with their sexy pink nipples on display. Amanda then produced a bottle of lotion and proceeded to squirt it all over her tanned skin, concentrating it mostly on her tits. Then Amanda unhooked the bottom half of her leotard and suddenly her smoothly shaved pussy was fully exposed. Amanda rubbed the lotion in between her legs and all around her hot box as well.

Amanda continued caressing the lotion into her tanned skin making her hot body appear to be glowing and silky smooth. She parted her legs even more, giving the camera an even better view of her pretty, pink pussy. Amanda had a whole pink theme going on with her pink laced leotard, pink nails, pink lips, and of course her hot pink pussy. Want to see even more sexually explicit photos and videos of Amanda Blake? Check her out right now, only at
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