Amanda Lee is an exotic, Russian, brunette beauty who is into all sorts of kinky and wonderful things. She is twenty years old and has tried almost every kind of sex toy on the market. Which is why, in this hot photo and video shoot, we get to see Amanda trying out an assortment of different toys on her hot and horny pussy. First, Amanda enters the room in a silky, purple lingerie night dress, with her trusty sex toy in hand. She mounts the bed and makes herself comfortable against the pillows before going to work on herself. "I just really love to play with myself." Amanda explains to us. Nobody can argue with that!

Amanda tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder and then pulled up her purple silk night dress above her thighs. She wore no panties underneath and her pink pussy was fully shaved Then Amanda pulled down the top of her night dress to reveal her amazing pair of full round breasts. "I like when guys motor boat my big tits." Amanda said giggling. "It must be one of my weird fetishes." Nothing weird about that if you ask me. Amanda then continued her strip tease by spreading open her luscious legs, showing off her sexy slit. Then Amanda slowly brought her toy down to gently touch her clit.

Amanda teased her hot little clit for a while longer before switching positions on the bed. She got on her hands and knees in her favorite position which was (you guessed it!) doggy style. Her curvy, white ass was fully exposed as Amanda reached underneath herself to rub the toy against her horny clit even more. She started playing with herself more and more aggressively as she got more and more turned on. Watch this hot ass photo and video shoot for yourself right now, only at
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Twenty year old Amanda Lee from Russia, is getting ready for another one of her naughty photo shoots. She is sprawled out on her bed, brushing her long silky, dark hair and humming to herself in Russian. She looks incredibly sexy to the photographer who is spying on her through the bedroom window. Amanda sorts through her collection of makeup that she has spread out on on her bed spread, picking out a few different items that she wishes to use for her big photo shoot. She is wearing a midriff bearing white top and gray short shorts. Amanda starts applying the make up to her already gorgeous face. The peeping tom becomes super excited. He has a fetish for watching hot girls put on make up.

After Amanda is finished applying the make up to her face she sits up and starts running her hands over her white t-shirt. Then she runs her hands down to her shorts and slowly and sensually starts peeling them off. She tosses the shorts aside, exposing her fully shaved pussy. Amanda looks down to examine it, making sure she got all the hairs off when she shaved in the bath tub earlier. Then she reaches up and pulls her top up over her large pair of breasts to examine them as well. They are pretty much perfect and Amanda seems to agree because she then reverts her attention back down to the hot box between her legs. She spreads her legs open wide to get a better view of herself.

Amanda feels herself becoming aroused as she examines her pink pussy. So much so, that she finds herself leaning back against the pillows, making herself comfortable, and reaching her hands down to touch her horny pussy. She is becoming more and more horny and when she slips a finger into the slit between her legs she feels a silky wetness that only makes her want to keep fingering herself. Before long, Amanda's legs are up in the air and she is finger banging herself nice and hard. See this hot picture and video set for yourself right now, only at

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Amanda Lee is a brunette hottie from Russia who finished secondary school and loves to suck cock. She was all ready to get down and dirty for her favorite boy-toy dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a t-shirt. So as soon as the cameras were rolling she pulled off her t-shirt and threw it to the side. She wore no bra under her shirt. Topless, she got down on her knees, unzipped her man's pants, pulled them down to his ankles, and took out his cock which was already good and hard just for her. She put him in her mouth hungrily, licking, sucking, and stroking him like she couldn't get enough of it.

Before long, Amanda was stripping off the rest of her clothes and begging her fuck buddy to put his hard dick deep inside her tight pussy. Giving him that blow job had made Amanda incredibly horny. Her man was happy to oblige her. So Amanda made herself comfortable on a sofa, opened up her legs to him, closed her eyes, and waited excitedly. When he entered her with his rock hard prick, Amanda let out a loud moan that was full of surprise and delight at how big he was. He felt so good inside her that she could feel her wet pussy becoming more and more wet by the second. He started fucking her faster and harder and Amanda kept moaning away.

"You want to fuck me doggy style now?"
Amanda asked after they had been fucking in missionary position for awhile. Of course he said yes and the two switched positions in record time. Amanda got on her hands and knees and stuck her nice round ass up in the air. He entered her again for the second time and it felt even better than the first. Amanda could feel herself reaching the climax as her lover pumped in and out of her horny wet pussy from behind. Watch Amanda's mind blowing orgasm in this hardcore video only at
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