Avril Hall loves nothing more than to have kinky fun in the bedroom and even more so on a bed, like she does in this sexually explicit photo shoot. The twenty-year old hot blonde wore a tight red t-shirt and a denim mini skirt as she posed provocatively for the camera on top of the bed. Her long blonde hair fell down her back in loose waves as she moved this way and that. Avril gave the camera a dazzling white smile as she spoke of the type of man her prince charming would be like; "I like rugged men. Very manly and strong. No little pansies for me!" Avril said dreamily.

Once she began fantasizing about her dream man, Avril started stripping off her clothes. First she started to peel off the red t-shirt. She wore no bra underneath so soon her her small yet perky tits were fully revealed. Then, topless, Avril began sliding down her denim mini skirt along with her panties. Before long, Avril was on the bed posing completely naked and giving the camera explicit shots of her juicy, round ass and fully shaved pussy. Avril turned around so that her ass faced the camera. Then she reached one hand back to grab an ass cheek and spread herself open wide, exposing her hot pink pussy.

Avril giggled to herself as she turned back around and sat her butt down on the bed. Slowly, Avril spread her legs open wide, giving the camera the full frontal shot of her naked body. She ran a manicured finger down her chest, her stomach, and finally rested it at her hot pink pussy. Fantasizing about her dreamily rugged man had no doubt made her horny, and so Avril began rubbing her clit, making her horny pussy wet with desire. Watch what else Avril does to satisfy herself, only ay Nubiles.net.
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Twenty-year-old blonde bombshell, Avril Hall looked absolutely stunning in this photo set of her naked in the bath tub. The all-American cutie pie has been being a very naughty girl and doing some very dirty things so she thought that a nice, warm, bubble bath would be the best way to get her dirty self all cleaned up. "Bubble baths are also the most fun way to get cleaned up." Avril said, winking and giggling at the camera. Avril had such an adorable personality and it matched perfectly with her adorably sweet face and her adorably petite spinner body. Avril had a large jacuzzi style bath tub with mirrored walls surrounding it. She filled the tub up to the very top with warm, sudsy water.

Avril stripped off all her clothes and climbed in. She sunk down into the bubbles and let the water cascade over her naked body. Then she stood up and covered herself from head to toe with bubbles. Avril caressed her glistening skin, starting at her neck and working her way down to her small and sexy tits. She twisted her small, pink nipples with her finger tips, making them nice and hard. Then she turned around to show off her nice, round ass which was also covered in bubbles. Avril put one foot up on the side of the tub so that the camera could get an even better booty shot. Avril reached back to touch her pink pussy lips, while giving the camera a sensual look that left you wanting more.

Avril played with her pussy in that position for awhile longer. The camera couldn't seem to get enough of her, especially when Avril was teasing herself the way she was. She then turned back around to give the camera the full frontal shot of her amazing body. The bubbles were beginning to drip off of her now so that more of Avril's naked body was fully exposed. Avril rubbed and caressed herself everywhere and the camera captured it all. Want to see even more of the super sexy Avril Hall? Then go to Nubiles.net right now to see lots more sexually explicit pictures, videos, and more.
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Avril Hall is a blonde bombshell who likes nothing more than to get fucked really good and really hard. Giving blow jobs comes in at a close second on Avril's list of favorite things. So she was obviously stoked about this photo shoot in which Avril got to do, not one but two, of her top two favorite things to do. "It is so awesome that I not only get to do what I really love to do but I also get paid for it too!" Avril said excitedly as she waited for the camera crew to set up the lights. "It is like unreal to me that this is what some people consider 'work'. Its just like that old saying goes- 'choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.' That saying is so true." As she spoke her eyes lit up, making her look even hotter than she was already. When the cameras started rolling, Avril and her hot stud started making out immediately and their attraction to each other was electrifying. His hands were all over Avril's hot body, pulling down her yellow t-shirt and exposing her nice, perky tits. Avril got down on her knees, unzipped his jeans, took out his rock hard dick, and put it in her eager mouth.

Avril sucked his dick so good and so hard that he almost lost it for a moment. Luckily he was able to stop her just in time. He then started touching her everywhere. Avril closed her eyes as he slipped off her black shorts and panties. He was obviously very impressed by Avril's shaved pussy and curvy ass because just then he immediately turned Avril around, bent her over, and began sliding his hard prick into Avril's horny pussy from behind. Avril moaned loudly, her voice full of pleasure, as he pumped his cock in and out, making her pussy wet with desire.

After they had fucked in doggy style position for quite awhile Avril requested they switch positions. Her lover agreed and Avril lay back on a couple of bar stools and spread her legs open for him to enter her once again. He did so and Avril lowered her fingers to her clit where she began to touch and tease herself. As he railed her, Avril rubbed her clit with her fingers and soon she was moaning loudly; "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" And then her whole body was shaking and trembling as she reached the climax of an earth shattering orgasm. Watch this hardcore video plus a whole lot more, only at Nubiles.net!
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