Bianca from Russia is stripping in the kitchen and she is looking damn good too! What a body on this little lady! She quickly strips down to her white bra and panty set that shows off every one of her curves to their full extent. Long legs, flat stomach, full breasts, cute face, Bianca is the whole package and more. "I always cook in the nude." Bianca informs us with a cute smile on her face. "I just feel so much more free and relaxed. It can be a little dangerous sometimes though, depending on what your cooking. Like bacon for instance." So we kept it simple, stayed away from the bacon, and had our lovely Bianca strip down to nothing and fix herself a nice hearty bowl of cereal. Yum!

Bianca shed the white bra and panty set and went to work in the kitchen, opening the fridge and the cub boards, getting out all the ingredients she would need for her scrumptious breakfast. Watching her do this was quite a sight to behold. All her sexy curves and tan lines were on full display and it was one hot ass show. Bianca smiled and chatted with everyone as she worked. She seemed to be more comfortable without clothes then she did in them. Once she was all set with her milk and cereal spread out on the kitchen table, Bianca decided to spread herself out on the kitchen table. She positioned herself into a super sexy pose that made her look good enough to eat. Who wouldn't want a hot naked chick on their breakfast table in the morning? Especially in doggy style position!

Bianca was having a blast posing and eating cereal on the table. The number of sexually explicit poses Bianca thought of was really quite something. "This really is a lot of fun!" She exclaimed with delight. She had an energy about her that seemed to put everyone in a good mood. She also had a way of giving every male in the room a massive hard on but no surprise there right? Then Bianca turned up the heat even more. She stretched one leg up into the air in a very flexible position, showing off her shaved pink pussy. You'd be crazy not to check out the rest of this set and it is only at
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Bianca lay on the bed in a striped dress. She was waiting for someone. Waiting for someone to come home from work and ravish her. She felt horny. Almost sexually frustrated. Bianca ran her hands over her smooth, tanned legs. She had been laying by the pool all day in her bikini just working on her tan. Now it was night and she was bored, horny and wanted some kind of excitement. Just then she heard the front door open. Then there was a shadow in the doorway of the bedroom. It was him. Bianca brought her nice legs up in a sexual pose. A camera flashed. Bianca smiled. She liked this game. Strip for the camera, the best foreplay ever.

Bianca crawled across the bed sensually, seducing the camera with her eyes. Slowly, she reached for the bottom of her dress and began lifting it up. The first thing that came into view was Bianca's completely shaved pussy. Next, the camera caught sight of her flat stomach and washboard abs. Bianca lifted her dress up even further. Her perky tits came into view as Bianca pulled the dress all the way over her head and tossed it onto the bed. Naked, Bianca's tan lines were visible and she knew she looked super hot. She ran her hands over her naked body, getting herself more and more excited.

Bianca was fully turned on and ready to get down to business. She lay down on the bed with her round, plump ass and horny pussy directed toward the camera. She ran her hand slowly over her hip and down her thigh, teasing with her eyes and with her body. She looked irresistible in this position. Bianca looked into the camera and smiled in her most seductive way. Want to see more of Bianca and her sexy curves? Go to right now.
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