Brook Logan is a nineteen year old cutie pie from the United Kingdom. She was getting herself ready for a naughty photo and video shoot. "I'm really excited about this!" Brook told me as she perfected her dirty-blonde hair into long curls that hung down past her perky tits. Her hot body was dressed up in a bright pink bra and panty set with white polka dots on them along with matching pink thigh-high stockings, bright pink stilettos, and a bright blue skirt. "I think this outfit is really hot." Brook said, running her hands over the blue skirt. "It looks really cool with the set I'm shooting in." And she was certainly right about that. The blue skirt matched the blue wall she was to be posing in front of and the bright pink lingerie set contrasted nicely with the bright orange couch she was about to pose on. As soon as Brook was finished doing her dramatic eye make up, she was positioned on the couch in front of the cameras and went right into action.

Brook really loved modeling. Especially nude modeling. "It is so much fun to pose provocatively and strip off all my clothes." Brook said, "Whenever I get in front of the camera I just turn into a naughty little sex kitten." It was true. Watching Brook do her thing, pose this way and that with her sexy body, and make all the right faces with her bedroom eyes; it looked as though Brook was having a love affair with the camera. The photographer loved her. He kept on yelling out compliments every time Brook maneuvered her body into yet another delectable pose. Soon, Brook was reaching back and unhooking the pink bra to free her hot little titties.

Now topless, Brook turned up the heat even more. She discarded the bra by tossing it aside and repositioned herself so that she was laying on the orange couch on her back. She lifted her stocking clad legs into the air and pulled the blue mini skirt all the way up to her waist. Then she reached down and started peeling the pink panties down over her sexy thighs. Soon her pink pussy was fully exposed and it was fully shaved. Brook spread her legs open wide with the pink panties stretched between her ankles which were still up in the air. "This is one of my very favorite positions." Brook said with a sexy smile and a wink. It was indescribably hot and you would have to see it to believe it so check out the full photo set and video right now, only at
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Brook Logan is a one hot little blonde with a super sexy spinner body. She awoke in her bed one Sunday morning feeling extremely horny. "I must have had a wet dream or something" Brook said to herself with a naughty smile. She threw the covers off, rolled over, and got up onto her hands and knees. Doggy style was her favorite position to masturbate in. It was also one of her favorite positions to fuck in as well. Thinking about getting fucked doggy style made Brook even more turned on than she already was. So she lifted her baby pink night dress up to her waist and revealed her cute ass in a pink and black thong.

Brook started caressing her hot body with her own hands, starting at her pair of soft breasts which were small and perky and matched the rest of her petite, tight body perfectly. Brook then ran her hands down to her tiny waist and flat stomach with it's pierced naval. Brook was growing more horny and excited by the second and when her night dress started getting in the way of her playing with herself, Brook found herself standing up on her knees and ripping off the pink cotton material and tossing it to the floor.

Now Brook was on her bed in only her thong and she was ready to get down to business. Without any further ado, Brook lay down on the bed, made herself nice and comfortable, and then stripped off the remaining article of clothing and tossed it to the floor. Now fully naked, she spread her legs open and reached down to finger bang her hot pink pussy. Watch Brook Logan get herself off and a whole lot more right now, only at
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