Twenty years old, blonde, and beautiful- Callie Cobra from California was spending a relaxing a day of fun in the sun, working on her already flawless tan. She was dressed in one of her favorite bikinis, a teeny tiny white number that left little to the imagination. Who could resist sneaking a few photos of this hottie out in the sun especially when she was wearing the tiniest of bikinis? But Callie actually loved having her photo taken so she gave the photographer a little strip tease and let's just say he got way more than he bargained for. As she swayed her hips back and forth, teasing him with her fingers in the g-strings of her bikini bottoms, he asked Callie what is the craziest thing she has ever done. Her reply; "A gang bang with a bunch of black dudes." The photographer nearly dropped his camera which made Callie burst into giggles.

Callie continued to move her hot body in a sensually seductive motion. Then she reached up to untie her bikini top. She eyed the camera playfully as the top slowly slid off her shoulders and over her small and perky tits. Now topless, Callie tossed her long blonde hair and then smoothed her hands over her flat tummy and down her small waist until she was resting them on her sexy hips. Then she slipped her fingers into the g-string once again and began peeling down the bikini bottoms. "You ready to see the money shot?" Callie asked playfully. She shook her booty one last time before letting the bikini bottoms drop to the ground around her ankles.

Now fully naked, Callie sauntered across the patio until she reached a yellow lawn chair. She took a seat, leaned back, and made herself comfortable. After a minute or so Callie looked back into the camera. Then slowly, she began opening her legs up little by little until everything between her thighs was on full display. Her pink pussy was completely shaved and looked good enough to eat. Callie ran her manicured fingers down her body and rested them on her clit. She started rubbing herself slowly, letting out little moans of pleasure. Watch Callie make her horny pussy cum at
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Callie Cobra is an all American, small-town sweet heart with a great passion for sexual passion. The smoking hot, twenty-year-old, blonde cutie pie has quite the perfect little body that is both tight, fit, and down right sexified. And, when we asked Callie if she would name a talent of her's that she is the most proud of, Callie replied simply; " I like to take BIG COCKS." With a big emphasis on those last two words. Honestly, When I heard/saw those dirty words come out of sweet, blonde Callie's little mouth with her cute little voice, it was nothing short of amazing. Luckily for us, Callie was so eager to prove her skills to us that she does exactly what she is most proud of in this set of hardcore pictures and videos! Intrigued?

Thought you might be. Callie wasted no time at all stripping off every single article of clothing that she wore on her hot little body. So as Callie's jeans and tank-top were discarded to the floor, Callie got right down to business getting her lover naked as well. With all her nudity fully exposed, Callie reached for the zipper of his jeans. Slowly and sensually, she unzipped his fly while looking up at him with sexually charged bedroom eyes. Once he was naked too, he told Callie to lay down on the bed on her back. Callie did as he asked and as she did so, he went to work touching and caressing her all over her sexy body. Then he bowed his head and slithered his tongue into all the crevices of Callie's juicy box.

Callie was really getting into it now. She was gasping and breathing heavily with every stroke of his tongue until finally she had to make him to stop so she could ride his hard dick for awhile. Of course he did not object and soon enough Callie was climbing aboard his cock and riding him reverse cowgirl style like a pro. "I love fucking this way!" Callie exclaimed as she bounced up and down, her voice full of pleasure. She rode him harder and harder, faster and faster, moaning and gasping until they were both screaming and climaxing together in two incredible orgasms in a unison. Check this hot ass video out for yourself and a whole lot more only at
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