Daniela Diamond is a sensual beauty with incredible sex appeal. She looked especially sexy when she showed up for today's photo shoot. She was dressed in a tiny red strapless dress that barely covered her ass and made her legs look a mile long. She got comfortable on the bed and immediately started posing for the camera. I asked her to tell me about the first time she masturbated. "I still remember it like it was yesterday. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven," she recalls. "My parents always asked me why I spent so much time locked in my room... If only they knew!" She got on all fours and slowly spread her legs open. Her dress has slipped down slightly in the front, revealing her amazing cleavage. Daniela is one girl who can look just as sexy with her clothes on. And the way her long hair fell loosely over her shoulder just added to the sensuality of it all.

Slowly she pulled her dress down, exposing her ripe tits and tiny pink nipples. She chatted excitedly about all the ways she likes to pleasure herself. I could tell she was getting really turned on just thinking about it. "I've gotten really creative over the years when it comes to masturbating. I never would have thought there would be so many ways to make myself cum." When I ask how often she does it now, she replied "Pretty much whenever I have free time. If there's anything better than an orgasm, I haven't found it yet." With her dress still around her hips, she ran her hands up and down her smooth, tight body. One hand worked its way up to her breast and she began squeezing it and tugging on her nipple. The other hand was slowly working it's way down her stomach toward her red panties and the moistening pussy hidden inside.

When her hand reached her panties, Daniela slipped it under the fabric and onto her clit. I could see the movement through the red cotton as she slowly and erotically worked her clit. She slid her hand down a little farther and opened her legs slightly. "My pussy is already getting so wet and I've barely even started." Daniela removed her panties and dress and sat down on the bed. She spread her legs open and reached for her fleshy pussy again. "Wanna see how wet I am?" See all the naughtiness Daniela does with her wet pussy at Nubiles.net.
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If you have a thing for sexy brunettes who love to play dirty, 21 year old cutie Daniela Diamond is your girl! Daniela is quite the little nympho with an extremely high sex drive. She doesn't take sex too seriously though. "Sex is supposed to be fun! It's a huge turn-on for me when a guy can open himself up to try new and crazy things sexually" admits Daniela. She laughs and looks down at her hands."I've had a few near-disasters in bed before, but it's always so much fun to try!" She pulls up her tight pink mini-skirt, revealing her hot pink cotton panties. She reaches for the waist of her panties and I think she's going to take them off. Instead she pulls them up just a little higher and lowers her skirt back down to hide them again. She stares at me with the most innocent look and a little bit of pout in her lip. I start to wonder if she's changed her mind when she bursts into laughter. "I warned you, it's just too much fun to be a tease. I can't help it!"

Daniela unbuttons her skirt and slides it over her hips and down her shapely legs. She kneels on the leather sofa with her back to the camera. Bending forward slightly, she runs her hand over her firm ass, still concealed in pink cotton. "How do you like my panties?" she asks. "I got them just for this shoot - they were too cute to leave in the store," followed by another laugh. The expression on her face begins to changes slightly and I can see intense sexual desire in her eyes. Her hands slip into the sides of her panties as she pulls them down over her tight, round ass. She slides her hand under her tank top, raising it up over her breasts. She's not wearing a bra and her nipples are already hard and perky. "I have a surprise", she says as she reaches behind one of the pillows on the sofa. "I know this wasn't part of the plan, but I just got this new toy and I've been dying to try it out!" With a playful but guilty look on her face, she brings out a Magic Wand vibrator. "If this doesn't make a girl cum, something's wrong."

She turns around and rests her now bare booty on the cool leather of the sofa. Daniela runs her hands up her toned torso until she reaches her beautiful pair of tits. She slips a finger into her mouth, gives it a couple of sucks, then brings it back down to her breast. Her wet finger stops on her erect nipple and runs tiny circles around it. I'm not sure it's possible, but it seems that her nipple gets even harder than before. She gives it a couple of flicks and then slowly pulls her tank top off over her head, letting her long hair fall over her shoulders and down onto her tits. Daniela leans back slightly and brings one leg up onto the sofa. This is the first time I've been able to get a really good look at her pussy and all I can think is that it's a shame we aren't doing a POV shoot because that is one damn fuckable pussy! It's perfectly shaved with just the right amount of meat in her lips. Daniela grabs her Magic Wand with her free hand and shoots the camera a naughty look. "I have a feeling I'm going to be in for one hell of a ride. I can't wait!" she says as she switches the power on and brings it toward her spread pussy. See just how wild Daniela's first Magic Wand experience is only at Nubiles.net.

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Daniela Diamond is an All-American Girl with a naughty side. With her dark waist-length hair, her tight tanned body, and her seductive bedroom eyes, Daniela is the girl that every guy wishes he had living next door and today's lucky guy was no exception. He couldn't wait to get Daniela's clothes off and it was obvious that she was eager to get started too. "I love everything about my job, but this is the part that really gets me excited!" she said. As she talked, her eyes worked their way up and down the guy she knew would soon be getting to know her most intimate parts. "I mean, really... who wouldn't love this part?" she asked with a giggle. Almost as soon as we started shooting, Daniela pulled down her bright yellow tank top, exposing her perfectly shaped tits. She pulled her lover's head to her chest as she pushed him down onto the bed. He circled his tongue around her big areolas as her puffy nipples grew hard, then he took them in his mouth for some gentle sucking.

We didn't have to do much directing with Daniela. She knew exactly what she wanted and took full charge. It wasn't long before she had her man's cock out and standing to full attention. She pushed him onto his back and stripped off her cotton panties. After lubing up his cock with her wet mouth, she straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto his thick shaft. She let out a soft moan as it slid deep into her pussy. "I love every kind of fucking but this is by far my favorite. It's the quickest way to make me cum," she said in almost a whisper. When she reached the base she began wiggling her hips back and forth, grinding her clit on his smooth shaved balls. Daniela's pussy was getting wetter by the minute and the look in her eyes showed that she was already getting close to cumming. She propped herself up with one hand and began pumping up and down on his cock, grinding her hips every time she reached the base. She reached down with her other hand to rub her swollen clit while her stud thrust his dick harder into her hole.

Daniela exploded into orgasmic pleasure. She threw her head back and her whole body tensed up as her pussy clamped so hard around her lover's cock that he had to stop her from moving before he blew his own load. Once he'd gained control, he flipped her over and rammed his dick into her from behind. He could only give a few more thrusts before it was his turn to cum. He stood and put his cock in Daniela's mouth so she could lick her sweet pussy juices off. He pulled out just in time to stroke his cum all over her waiting mouth and tongue. As it dribbled down her chin and onto her tits, she flashed a the camera a wicked grin and began licking the sticky mess from her fingers. "The only thing that tastes better than cum is cum with a hint of pussy!" To see the complete set and all of Daniela Diamond's other naughty sets in High Resolution go to Nubiles.net.
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