Denisa Heaven turns heads everywhere she goes, especially when she's dressed in her schoolgirl uniform. Her long legs look incredible in that little plaid skirt. Those sexy red high heels with peek-a-boo toes add that extra bit of sensuality that tells you this is one schoolgirl who loves to play naughty. She thought it would be fun to wear it for a photo shoot, and when we saw how stunning she looked in it of course we agreed. She began with a twirl as her skirt flared around her. "The boys used to do this to me in the hallways all the time," She turned and lifted the back of her skirt just enough to show how great her ass looked in that sexy white thong. "Especially once they all found out that I like to go without panties sometimes." She faced the camera again and slowly unbuttoned her top. It wasn't until she pulled open her shirt that I saw she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples grew hard as the cool air hit them. Her tits are amazing... so perky and full, so kissable. Denisa let her shirt fall from her shoulders as she perched on the edge of a wooden chair and spread her legs open.

She took her time posing and stripping off her clothing one item at a time. It was clear that Denisa was enjoying this even more than I was! Once she had stripped down to nothing but her sexy red heels, she reached into a drawer in the desk behind her and brought out a sparkly blue vibrator. "This is one of my favorites," she told us, and slipped it in her mouth to get it lubed up. "When I hit just the right spot it gives me the most intense orgasms ever!" She lifted her legs and hooked an arm under her knees. Then she brought the vibrator to her pussy and began rubbing it against her wet gash. I could see her little pink hole squeezing and relaxing, then squeezing again. When her hips started pushing forward, Denisa slid just the tip of the vibrator into her pussy and started moving it in small circles.

Denisa's breathing was getting faster as she pushed her toy deeper into her throbbing twat. She continued to draw circles in her pussy and every time she sunk it deeper into her hole her moaning got louder. "I can't believe how good this feels, " she breathed, followed by another low moan. When she had the vibrator buried all the way to the cap, Denisa stood and lifted one foot onto the chair. She began thrusting her hips for deeper penetration as she moved the vibrator in and out of her eager pussy. When she closed her eyes and reached for her swollen clit, I knew she was just about to cum. See the entire set and thousands of others available for download exclusively at

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Denisa Heaven is any redhead lover's fantasy. With her silky natural red hair and her feminine figure, she's a sure cock-pleaser. She was so excited to do a bathing photo shoot since the bathtub is her favorite place for self pleasure. "I was taking a bath when I discovered my sexuality ," she explained. "I'm not even sure what made me think of it, but I remember wondering what it would feel like to put my pussy under the running faucet. And I've taken a bath just about every day since." Her cheeks turned slightly pink as she said it and it only added to her cuteness. She turned on the faucet and flashed us a naughty grin as she added bubbles to the bath. She was so eager to get in tub that she was already dipping her toes into the water. "I supposed I should take my clothes off first, yes?" she asked with a laugh. She turned back toward the camera and began lifting her shirt. Her body was even hotter than I'd imagined. She's got womanly curves in all the right places and a tight, firm stomach to go along with those curves.

Denisa was still wearing her tiny blue g-string panties when she stepped into the tub. The bubbles were wrapping themselves around her long legs as if they wanted to climb all the way up and into her warm pussy. As she turned around she tucked her fingers under the elastic of her g-string and slowly pulled them down over her curvy ass. With one hand grasping the towel bar in front of her, she looked over her shoulder into the camera and grabbed ahold of one of her ass cheeks. "See? I told you how much I love to take baths, especially when there's bubbles in it," she told us as she pulled her cheek to the side just enough to give us a glimpse of the wet sweetness. Her pussy was shaved clean and her tight pink hole peeked out from between her pussy lips.

She ran her hands over her hips and all the way down her legs, taking her g-string with them and giving us a perfect shot of her booty as she bent over. She stepped out of her panties and almost immediately sunk down into the warmth of the bath water. She let out a relaxing sigh and you could just see all of her nervousness evaporate in that moment. "I don't know what it is about the warm water, but as soon as I get in my pussy starts tingling. It's like it knows what's coming." As she lifted one leg onto the edge of the tub, Denisa scooped a handful of water and let it trickle from between her fingers onto her stomach. Her clit was already swelling from anticipation and was peeking out from the surface of the water. She gathered another scoop of water and this time let it dribble onto her swollen clit, one big gratifying drip at a time. She closed her eyes and reached around the back of her raised leg. The very moment her fingers touched her puffy pussy lips, she let out a soft moan. This was going to be one incredibly erotic photo shoot. You can see the entire set in High Definition, only at

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