Ebbi is a rare Russian beauty who loves to model in sexy lingerie. Even more than that, she loves to model in nothing at all. She is eighteen years old and five feet, five inches of extreme hotness. Her two favorite hobbies are skiing and boy-toys (which is a nicer name for fuck buddies). In this particular photo set, Ebbi dressed up her hot body in a red and white checkered bra and panty set with cute bows and lace on them. The lingerie accentuated her all curves beautifully. Her red and clear heels made her long legs look even longer. Her blondish brown hair hung in loose waves around her exotic and gorgeous face. Her blue eyes were direct and sensual. She looked hot as hell before she even started getting naked. Whoever gets to fuck this girl is one lucky guy!

Ebbi started running her hands all over her hard body, caressing her breasts, and running her fingers through her hair. She swayed her hips back and forth in an erotic strip tease motion. Then she hooked her fingers through the straps of her red and white bra and began lowering it slowly, teasing the camera and her audience. When her round tits finally popped out, her nipples were hard and erect. Ebbi twisted them with her fingers, making them even harder and making other things harder as well.

Ebbi slipped the bra off and tossed it to the side. Then she slowly started sliding the panties off. They fell around her ankles, exposing Ebbi's sexy, shaved pussy. Ebbi then walked over to a blue felt stool across the room. She was full naked except for her clear heels, which clicked across the floor as she walked. She positioned herself on the stool so that everything was on display. Her nice ass and her pink pussy. And as of that wasn't hot enough; Ebbi then reached back and slipped a finger into the wet slit between her legs. See what else Ebbi does to herself in this steamy hot photo shoot, only at Nubiles.net.
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Ebbi is a fresh faced eighteen year old hottie from Russia who liked playing dress up as a little girl and today she is still playing dress up and playing 'undress' for the cameras. "I really love buying sexy new outfits and modeling them for the camera." Ebbi tells us, "But I like stripping my sexy outfits off even more." In this photo shoot Ebbi debuted her new white mini skirt with turquoise beading and matching white bikini top. She definitely looked sexy with the white material against her tanned skin, baring her flat muscular stomach, and her light brown hair hanging in loose waves around her shoulders.

Ebbi did her thing, posing this way and that, smiling and laughing as the camera snapped and flashed away, capturing her every move. As she loosened up, Ebbi started talking about some of her fun sexual habits. "I can be a really naughty girl sometimes." Ebbi said. "I like masturbating in the shower. Using the shower head as a toy is really a beautiful thing." Ebbi said, giggling girlishly. As she spoke she ran her hands over her hot body, from her neck, over her breasts, down her flat tummy, and over her sexy hips.

Ebbi began peeling off the white mini skirt until it fell to the floor around her ankles. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties. Ebbi then reached up to untie her bikini top. With her blue eyes directed on the camera lens, Ebbi let the top fall to the floor, exposing her small and perky tits. She twisted her nipples, making them hard, and then ran her hands down to hook them into the side of her panties. She teased the camera, almost flashing her pussy but not showing the whole package just yet. Watch as Ebbi gets full naked and more, only at Nubiles.net.
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Eighteen year old Ebbi from Russia has always wanted to model and she has been doing it for a few years now. But now that she has turned eighteen, Ebbi is interested in more nude and sexually explicit modeling. And with her exotic good looks, photographers were lining up around the block to shoot the blue eyed beauty in the nude. Lucky for us, Ebbi is not only stripping down for us in this photo and video shoot but she is also getting down and dirty with a boy toy of her's. Watch as Ebbi smiles and begins posing in a pink short skirt and a white belly shirt that ties in the front. She spreads her legs open to the camera and reaches down to touch herself, both expertly and seductively.

Ebbi stood up then and continued her strip tease by rubbing her hands all over her hot body and swaying her sexy hips back and forth. Her long, light brown hair tumbled down her back in soft waves as she moved her body slowly and seductively. She directed her blue eyes on the camera lens and reached one hand up to her white top. She then peeled it down, exposing one of her full breasts and hard nipple. You could see in her eyes that Ebbi knew exactly what she was doing and that she had definitely mastered the art of seduction in her eighteen years of life.

Ebbi untied her top and let it drop to the floor, fully exposing her pair of round and perky breasts above a muscular, tanned tummy. Ebbi's boy-toy then walked on to the set and Ebbi beckoned him over. He took her by the waist and bent his head down to lick her already hard nipples. When his hand started caressing her thigh and moving it up her skirt Ebbi couldn't help moaning softly. See just how hot and heavy these two get in this hardcore sex scene only at Nubiles.net.
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