Busty brunette babe, Elena Rae, from Russia was getting ready to do some house work one Saturday afternoon. She had her hair up in a pony tail and was fiddling with the vacuum in a tiny black and white dress that looked like it would be better to go out to the club in instead of to do house work in. Elena had just bought this outfit the day before and so she was dying to wear it even if it was only to do house work. The tight confines of the dress made Elena feel super sexy and as she moved about, she went from feeling sexy to feeling horny. Especially when Elena bent over the vacuum and her big tits escaped from the top of her dress. Elena giggled and dropped the vacuum hose to caress her large nipples.

Elena ran her hands from her huge tits to her small waist and then down to her sexy hips. She looked down at her tan thighs and then ran her hands slowly down to pull up the short skirt. She reached underneath and pulled down her panties until they dropped to the floor around her ankles. She could feel herself becoming more and more wet by the second. She couldn't remember the last time she had masturbated in the middle of the day and she was growing excited at how naughty she was being.

Elena stepped out of her panties and knelt down to make herself more comfortable on the fluffy, white rug.
She got on her hands and knees and reached down to touch herself between her thighs. Just as she had expected, her pussy was already nice and moist. This turned Elena on even more and she started rubbing her clit faster. She moaned out loud as she grew closer and closer to the climax until her body was shuddering in a mind blowing orgasm that left Elena gasping for breath. See even more of Elena Rae right now, only at Nubiles.net.
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Elena Rae is a sexy twenty-five year old brunette from Russia. One of her favorite foods is pizza which is why she was enjoying this delicious dish when her boyfriend started taking pictures of her. Elena didn't mind, in fact she loved being the center of attention. Plus she had just finished doing her hair in sexy pig tails and her make up was flawless. She was also wearing one of her sexiest black nighties with the pink flowers accenting it. The silk negligee looked super hot against her tan skin. She was sprawled out on the living room floor on the bright green rug on all fours in doggy style position. She knew he liked looking at her from that angle. She looked into the camera lens and put on her best bedroom eyes.

After striking her few more naughty poses on her hands and knees, Elena got up and went over to the sofa. She sat down in the middle of the couch and reached up to pull down the straps of her top. Slowly, Elena popped her tits out. one by one. They were big and round with extended, hard nipples. Elena caressed them sensually with her hands. Her boyfriend kept snapping pictures like a pro. Then Elena started spreading her legs open slowly but surely. Soon, it was apparent that she was not wearing panties under her nightie. Her hot pussy was freshly shaved and her boyfriend seemed to like that a lot.

Elena continued teasing the camera and her boyfriend with a series of even more sexually explicit poses on the couch. After awhile she crawled back down to the floor and sat down indian style. She posed showing off her new manicure and pedicure for the camera. "I know you have a foot fetish." Elena said to her boyfriend with a naughty smile. He smiled back and continued to snap more pictures of her sexy feet. Then Elena started stripping off any articles of clothing left on her hot body. See it all for yourself right now, only at Nubiles.net.
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Elena Rae admired herself in the mirror above her bedroom dresser. She liked the way she looked in her white button up blouse, black skirt, black stockings, and heels. "I look like a sexy secretary don't I?" Elena asked her man with a smile. He was sprawled out on the bed in his boxer briefs. He smiled back at her and told her to come over to him. She did as he asked and went to stand next to him. He reached his hand up to touch her large breasts through her blouse. As he did this Elena ran her finger tips slowly up his leg in a sensual way. He reached back with his other hand to grab a handful of her curvy, round ass. "I think we should get you out of these clothes." He said to her. Elena smiled down at him. She was happy that her plan of seduction had worked.

Elena reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. As she did this, her man continued to feel her up, caressing her all over her hot body. Elena finished unbuttoning and let her blouse fall to the floor. Her lover pulled her down on top of him caressed her bare breasts, twisting her nipples, making them hard, and making Elena extra horny. She put her hands over his his and moaned softly which made him grab her tighter and harder. Soon he was tearing at her skirt, trying desperately to get it off. Elena helped him peel it off over her sexy thighs.

Once her skirt was on the floor, Elena slid her panties off as well until she was naked except for her black stockings and black heels. She lay back down next to him and ran her hands slowly up his legs until she reached his boxers. Slowly and sensually she took his hard cock out and put him in her mouth for one of her famous blow jobs. She licked him up and down, slowly at first and then she began sucking him faster and faster. He was gasping for breath now and finally he had to make her stop. Elena looked up at him and said; "Okay, let's fuck now." See this hardcore video and more for yourself at Nubiles.net.
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