Erica Fontes is a super sexy twenty-year-old blonde from Portugal who loves to get naked. We asked Erica about her hobbies and this is what she replied; "Dance, tennis, and men." Great combination. Athletic, girly, and sexual. What more could a man want in a woman? Not to mention the fact that Erica is devastatingly beautiful. From her long blonde hair, gorgeous face, tan skin, and body that is out of this world, Erica is five feet, five inches of incredible hotness. For this photo shoot, Erica dressed herself up in a matching baby pink bra and thong set. She wore her long hair down with minimal makeup on her pretty face. Erica was a natural beauty. She mounted the bed, laying down on her stomach which gave us a lovely view of her amazing ass in the pink thong. With her toes pointed, Erica smiled over her shoulder and said; "So what shall I take off first?"

We decided on the bra first. Erica sat up and slipped it off easily. Her perky tits were very sexy and they matched her tight body perfectly. Her nipples stood out, erotically hard. Erica smiled. "Either its cold in here or I'm horny!" She then collapsed in a fit of giggles on the bed. It was super cute. Erica quickly composed herself and sat back up on her knees with her legs spread open. The butterfly tattoo on her waist complimented her. It went well with her cute and sweet personality. After checking out her ink my eyes were drawn to the pink panties and the little heart between her legs. It was a tease that I quite enjoyed. But soon I found myself wanting to see more.

She must have read my mind (or caught me staring) because at that moment Erica ran her hands over the thin material, giving herself a flash of camel toe. I was impressed. Erica definitely knew how to seduce. Slowly, she started peeling down the panties giving small glimpses of shaved, tan yumminess. When she had the panties all the way down to her sexy pink clit, Erica slid them all the way off and tossed them aside. Now completely nude, with her pink pussy fully displayed, Erica found a way to expose herself even more. She lay back against the pillows, lifted her legs up into the air, and made her toes meet, creating a circle with her legs and showing us everything in between them. So, not only is Erica smoking hot, she's also incredibly flexible! Just imagine having her in your bed! We can give you the next best thing-
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After a nice, relaxing day of tanning out by the pool in her red string bikini, blonde and beautiful Erica Fontes likes to cool herself off by taking a bath in invigoratingly cool water. "The water is actually quite nice after laying in the hot sun all day. The coolness relaxes me and invigorates me at the same time." Erica tells us "Oh, and it also stimulates me." We found that statement to be both interesting and very sexy. So of course we had the lovely Erica lay out in the sun wearing one of her teeny tiniest bikinis and when she was done tanning we were all set to photograph Erica's invigorating and stimulating bath. Excited yet? Of course you are! That's why you want to keep reading! But I'd bet that anything having to do with this hottie would get anyone excited. Just look at her-she's simply gorgeous. And check out that ass! I mean, wow!

Long blonde hair falling down her back, sweet angelic face, dazzling white smile, Erica is definitely a ten in my book. And that was when she was still wearing her bikini! Once she started sliding off the straps of her bikini top and peeled down the bikini thong a bit, Erica went from a ten to a twenty. Yes, naked, Erica was even more amazing. Petite with a super tight body. Very toned in all the right places, beautiful tan skin, nice perky set of tits with hard nipples which just drove me (and everyone else) wild! Erica smiled and said, "I like my tits too. I know they are small but I really like them that way. All the men I've been with like them too. They all tell me that they like my tits way more than all the huge tits they've come into contact with." I couldn't help smiling at that. It was adorably cute. Erica's bikini bottoms then dropped to the floor and her shaved pussy was put on display for us all. And it was just like the rest of her body- hot as fuck!

Erica lay back in the tub letting the cool water cascade over her, soaking her tan skin, and creating little goose bumps all over her sexy body. Tan lines from her bikini became visible (which is another fetish of mine) as Erica gave the camera some very sexually explicit poses that you would be crazy to miss. When Erica was full stimulated she stood up and reached for a towel. As she was drying her naked body, Erica leaned in to whisper; "Now its time to really get this party started!" Like I said; you'd be crazy to miss this! See it all right now, only at
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