Frida is the twenty-year-old hottie from the United Kingdom. The brunette beauty got her hot self all dressed up in a super sexy school girl costume which consisted of a red and black plaid mini-skirt, tight white top and a matching red and black plaid tie. She wore a pair of red heels to make her super sexy outfit completely perfect. Oh, and how could I forget the matching red thong Frida wore underneath her mini-skirt? I really love the naughty school girl look, something about it is just smoking hot. I guess you could say it is a fetish of mine and I know I'm not the only one. "School girl costumes are definitely a fetish to me." Frida said as she admired her appearance in the dressing room mirror. She looked crazy hot and she knew it. "Okay, I'm ready." Frida announced after smoothing down her long brown hair one last time. "Let's get this party started!"

Frida posed provocatively in front of a black dresser and a large picture of Paris. She pulled up her skirt and showed off her nice ass in the red thong. Then she turned to face the camera and started removing the white top. She had beautiful tanned skin and a washboard ab'd stomach. Now topless, except for the plaid tie that hung between her full breasts, Frida showed off her exposed flesh by caressing her nice tits and running her hands down her flat stomach, finally resting them on her curvy hips. She gave the camera her most dazzling smile. It was obvious how much Frida loved the spot light as she rocked sexy her hips back and forth in an extremely tantalizing strip tease.

"Something about dressing up in a school girl costume makes you want to strip the costume right off!" Frida said with a girly giggle. "Seriously though, every time I wear this costume I just feel like being a very naughty girl." And with that, Frida let the skirt drop to the floor around her ankles. The she peeled the red thong down, exposing her shaved pussy. When the thong fell around her ankles as well, she stepped out of the discarded clothing and kicked them aside. Standing there naked except for her red heels, Frida looked ten times hotter than she had seconds before in the school girl costume. She lowered her naked body to the floor and sprawled out, legs parted, looking hotter than ever. See what other tempting positions Frida gets her hot self into, only at
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Frida is a very sexy twenty-year-old brunette from the United Kingdom. She enjoys the finer things in life such as nice clothes, expensive shoes, fancy restaurants, and of course- hot sex. "What really gets me turned on" Frida told us as she prepared herself for her photo shoot, "is neck massages. They really excite me, especially from a guy with big and strong, manly hands. It's so hot!" When we asked Frida what her favorite position was she replied simply; "Spoon." So we asked Frida if she could elaborate a little and she said; "You know, like when your laying in bed naked, spooning, and he slips his cock in from behind. It feels really amazing." Ah yes, spoon-sex. When Frida was finally all ready to shoot, she spread herself out sideways on the black sofa with a glass dildo waiting close by. She wore a pink, sparkling, strapless top, the tightest, shortest pair of shorts I'd ever seen, and a very sexy pair of black strappy heels. She looked like a smoking hot goddess.

Frida slowly started peeling off her sparkly top, exposing her amazing pair of nice, round breasts. After she'd peeled the top all the way off and tossed it aside, Frida stood up and began peeling off the tiny pair of short shorts. Soon Frida was standing in front of the black couch in only a hot pair of leopard print panties and her sexy black heels. She then turned around and continued her erotic strip tease with her nice, round ass facing us. She peeled down the leopard print panties and fully exposed all the sensual curves her hips and bare ass had to offer. Frida smiled over her shoulder and reached back to grab her ass cheek and spread herself open.

Frida let her panties drop to the floor. She carefully stepped out of them and then, fully naked except for the black pair of high-heeled sandals, Frida walked back to the sofa and sat down. She picked up the toy and with a naughty sparkle in her eyes she said, "I love glass dildos. They feel so incredible inside my tight, wet pussy." And with that Frida started licking the toy from top to bottom, putting it all the way in her mouth and sucking it like she couldn't wait to do more to it. And you can watch Frida do exactly that, right now at
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