Eighteen year old hottie, Gala likes to keep her hot body in perfect shape. "I like to work out at the gym or sometimes at home." Gala said, "But at the gym there is always the possibility of meeting a hot guy. Guys at the gym are usually in good shape." She explained, "Plus one of my sexual fantasies is to have sex at the gym." Gala added with a naughty smile. Well, with Gala's amazing looks that shouldn't be a very hard fantasy to fulfill. She had a banging body with curves in all the right places, beautifully tanned skin, and a gorgeous face. Gala looked extra hot dressed up in a tiny work-out outfit complete with green socks and sneakers. She got down on her hands and knees on a bright green rug, bent over in doggy style position, showing off her perfectly round ass in a pair of short booty shorts.

Gala struck a series of sexually explicit poses on the bright green rug before standing up to begin a titillating strip tease. "Its getting hot in here." Gala said, "You know what that means? It's time to get naked!" She giggled as she shed her top and exposed her full, ripe breasts and sexy hard nipples. Topless, Gala then dropped her booty shorts and continued to sway her hips back and forth, looking stunning in a sheer, black g-string. Gala's big tits bounced with every move she made. She had her audience completely captivated and she was not even fully naked yet!

Gala then positioned herself on the leather sofa and slipped off the tiny black g-string. She tossed it across the room and stretched her naked body out and leaned back against the pillows, making herself nice and comfortable. Gala spread her legs open wide, giving the camera full view of all the hotness between her legs. She had a hot pink pussy that was completely bald so that nothing was hidden from view. Gala caressed her large breasts and pinched her nipples before sliding her hands downward to touch herself between her tanned thighs. See what else Gala does in this naughty photo shoot, only at Nubiles.net.
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Gala is a one fine ass babe with a body that is so hot it would be a sin to keep it hidden from the world. She comes to us all the way from Russia and we are simply overjoyed to have her. If you think this hottie looks young that is because she is. Yes, Gala is barely legal- she just turned eighteen years old! But, surprisingly, she is not at all shy when it comes to stripping down in front of a camera or in front of anyone else for that matter! "Of course I love to get naked and show off my body!" She said, "Wouldn't you?" Well, if I had her body then yes I would. But not only does Gala have an amazing pair of full breasts, beautiful bronzed skin, and a perfectly firm booty, Gala also has a gorgeous face to top off the whole perfect package. I give this girl a perfect ten out of ten!

Gala stood in the bathroom getting ready to soak her hot self in the bath tub. She unbuttoned the oversized men's shirt she was wearing and revealed her nice, big titties. Gala let the shirt drop to the floor and soon her white thong followed. Her hot pussy was completely shaved and completely sexy. "Actually" Gala informed me, "I usually like to get a brazilian wax. It gets rid of all the hair down there." As she stepped into the tub I could see what she meant. Completely hairless. And it was indescribably hot. Gala bent over to retrieve the shower nozzle. She turned the water on and sprayed herself all over, making her dark skin glisten and shine with wetness. When she turned around to show off her soaking wet ass I was simply blown away by how hot that booty looked with water drops dripping down into her sexy slit.

Gala continued to spray herself with the shower nozzle and as she did she revealed to us a few other things she liked to do with shower nozzles;
"If there is enough water pressure you can do some very naughty things to yourself. Gala said giggling, "I remember when I first got one of these in my shower. Let's just say I was a very clean girl for awhile there!" When she said that I'm pretty sure she had every guy (and girl) on the set fantasizing about her masturbating in the shower. Maybe she will turn the fantasy into a reality? Go to Nubiles.net right now to find out if she did!
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