Grace Hartley is a beautiful blonde with a super hot body that she always likes to keep in perfect shape. So for this sexually explicit photo shoot, Grace suggested that she share some of her secrets with us on how she stays looking so damn good. "My favorite way to stay fit is by doing yoga at least once a week." Grace said as she stretched out on her yoga mat. She was dressed in a teal green, yoga jump-suit that she looked smoking hot in. Grace was only nineteen so she probably would look amazing without working out at all but after seeing these pictures of her, I would say that Grace should just keep doing whatever it is she's been doing because her body is seriously incredible! Grace showed us a few yoga positions that made me want to tear off her yoga sweat shirt right then and there. But luckily I didn't need to because just then, Grace seemed to have read my mind. She reached for the zipper of her hoodie, unzipped it, and revealed her incredibly amazing pair of full, natural breasts, and perfectly sized nipples. Everyone on the set was momentarily hypnotized. Her tits were seriously perfect.

Grace caressed her pink nipples and made them stand out, erotically hard. Then, after playing with her incredibly ripe bosoms for some time, Grace ran her hands down her tummy which was rock-hard and flat with great definitions and a pierced belly button which only added to all her sexiness. Grace then began sliding off her yoga pants and soon revealed the white cotton panties with lace accents that she wore underneath. Grace's legs were tanned and slender, her hips were curvy and luscious. She gave the camera a look that was both naughty and sensual. Then, just when we thought things couldn't possibly get any hotter, Grace started peeling off her panties.

Grace pulled her panties off and tossed them to the side. She then began parting her thighs to give the camera the full view of her hot pink pussy which was kept completely shaved. Seeing her fully naked, it became clear that Grace did not posses one single flaw on her perfectly toned and tanned body. She struck a few more seductive poses and yoga positions on the yoga mat. Grace then looked at the camera and, with a sly smile on her face, reached behind a pillow and to retrieve something. Still smiling, Grace said, "Ready to see one of my favorite sex toys?" Then she pulled her hand out from behind the pillow and revealed to us what she was talking about. In her hand was a very very very long, pink, rubber dildo. Grace winked at the camera and said, "Now watch what I can do with this!" See it for yourself right now, only at
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Grace Hartley is a smoking hot blonde from Czech Republic. She is nineteen years old and cute as can be. Especially in this naughty photo set of her looking pretty in pink- pink shorts, a pink tank top, and matching pink kitty-cat slippers. "I love kittens." Grace said as she showed off her slippers for the camera. "If I was an animal in my past life then I was definitely a kitty cat." Grace said with a dazzling white smile. "You want to know why?" Grace asked and then without waiting for the 'of course' answer she went on; "Because every guy that I have ever slept with has called me a naughty little sex kitten." Wow, that's hot! Even the way she spoke was hot. Grace had this sweet and sensual voice to go along with her gorgeous face and banging body. I was already hooked and she hadn't even started getting naked yet!

Grace didn't waste any time before she started stripping off her pink outfit, starting with her tank-top. She pulled it up over her head and revealed the most perfect pair of tits I had ever seen! Just big enough, full, curvy, and natural with perfectly sized, pink nipples that Grace loved to pinch, making them instantly hard. Her stomach was flat and sexy with washboard abs and a pierced belly button. Topless, Grace then started peeling off her pink shorts. She slid them off in a very teasing way, without showing much except her tanned thighs and curvy hips. She kept her slippers on of course, which, for some reason, made Grace look even hotter than ever.

Finally Grace slowly began spreading her legs open for the camera. Soon Grace's hot and shaved pussy was fully exposed. She ran a finger down to tease her pussy lightly. Then she smiled and said, "I call this my pink kitty." Everyone laughed. Of course she does! Grace giggled and said, "My favorite color and my favorite animal combined!" Grace hopped off the couch and got down on the floor where she proceeded to spread her legs open even wider. Then she reached her hand underneath herself and slipped two fingers into the pink slit between her thighs. Grace felt her box becoming wet and horny. See the rest of this sexually explicit photo set right now, only at

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