Jenifer Curves is a twenty-four year old voluptuous beauty from New Jersey. Here, she is all ready for her naughty photo and video shoot in which she looked incredibly sexy laying on a white covered bed in a skin tight tank-top and baby pink boy-shorts that made her booty look simply delicious. Her silky black hair fell down below her shoulders in loose waves. She had beautiful brown skin, sensual pink lips, and a dazzling white smile. Along with her smoking hot body and exotic good looks; Jenifer is also a college girl studying psychology. So she has beauty and brains; the total package. Plus she likes to strip on camera and it doesn't get much better than that!

When the photographer went into action, Jenifer instantly turned into a professional sex goddess. She knew just how to work her body in the most sexually explicit poses. Jenifer ran her hands all over silky smooth skin. Jenifer got up on her knees and swayed her curvy hips in an erotic strip tease. She tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder and slowly started pulling her white tank top up over her head. Soon her perky tits were fully exposed along with her small, dark nipples which were erotically hard. She tossed the tank top aside and then ran her hands from her tits to her waist. She slipped her fingers into her pink booty shorts, playing with them, teasing the camera and her captivated audience.

Jenifer stripped off her booty shorts, tossed them aside, and crawled across the bed to position her naked body onto her back. Then she opened her legs up to the camera, spreading herself open wide. Her pussy was shaved completely bald so all the hotness between her thighs was on full display. She ran her hands from her perky tits down to her hot box and spread her pussy open wide. Then Jenifer leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and slipped her finger into her silky wet slit, letting out a moan filled with pleasure. See Jenifer pleasure herself even more in this hotter than hot video right now, only at

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Jenifer Curves was an exotic beauty with a body that was both tight and curvy. Her tits and waist were both small but her hips and ass were both the right amount of rounded womanly curves. She had silky black hair that hung all the way down to her small waist. Her nice pair of A-cup breasts were perky with small, dark, extended nipples. She had a gorgeous face. In fact, the whole package was really quite beautiful. And lucky for us, we caught up with her just as she was getting ready to take a warm bubble bath. "Perfect timing." Jenifer said. She smiled a dazzling white smile as she teased the camera by toying with the tie that secured her white, terry cloth robe. Slowly she untied it and let it fall open, exposing all her voluptuous nudity.

Jenifer ran her hands all over her silky dark skin. She caressed her breasts and twisted her nipples, making them stand out, erotically hard. Then she ran her hands down to her flat stomach with it's pierced naval. She caressed her curvy hips and then pulled down the sides of her robe so that it slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor around her bare feet, leaving her standing there fully naked. Jenifer tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder and leaned over the bath tub to check the water. "Just right." She said before turning to give the camera another sexy smile, "Time to get wet!"

Jenifer dipped her toes into the water daintily. Then she lowered her hot body all the way into water. Her soaked skin glistened in the light. Slowly, Jenifer spread her legs open to the camera, exposing her shaved pussy. "I love warm baths. They always make me feel horny." Jenifer said as she spread her legs open even more. She traced a pink finger nail from her pierced navel down until she was touching her clit under the water. She looked up at the camera with a sensual look on her pretty face. Watch Jenifer get wet and wild in this steamy hot photo shoot, only at
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