Jenna Ross is a raven haired beauty of twenty-two who was just about to get her hot self all nice and clean on a lazy Sunday afternoon. "I have been a very dirty girl after all." Jenna said laughing and shedding her clothes in the bathroom. She had smooth pearly white skin that contrasted beautifully with her dark hair and dark eyes. Her pink lips matched her pink nipples which stood out erotically when Jenna lifted up her top. Soon she was standing in front of the shower completely naked and you could see that her pussy was shaved completely bald. She looked amazing in the nude with the sun light shining in through the windows, lighting up her girlish figure.

Jenna liked showing off her naked body so much that she wasn't quite ready to get herself clean just yet. Instead she turned and walked over to the bathroom sink and pulled herself up onto the counter. From this angle you could see Jenna in three different positions in the reflections in the different mirrors. "Its like there is three of me!" Jenna giggled. "Wouldn't that be sweet?" If only! But one Jenna was pretty hot anyway. Especially when she started to open up her legs, exposing her hot pink pussy.

Finally Jenna hopped off the counter and walked across the bathroom to turn on the shower. "I like the water super hot." She said. Super hot just like her. So when the water was finally to her liking, Jenna stepped in slowly and daintily . The water started to cascade over her naked body in a very sensual way. "It feels so amazing!" She said. Then Jenna turned to look over her shoulder as the water soaked her completely. See more of Jenna Ross right now, only at
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Twenty-two year old Jenna Ross is a stunning brunette babe with curves in all the right places. She has no inhibitions about lifting up her blue top and showing you her gorgeous pair of round, perky tits above a nice, flat stomach. Her wavy, raven hair falls around her cute face with sweet pink lips and pretty brown eyes that just invite you in. Jenna is a Florida girl that is new to California and she has found that stripping for the camera and showing off her hot body is a fun and easy way to earn some extra cash. She also admits that it gets her a little aroused. "Whenever I strip down in front of a camera I always find myself all wet and horny." Jenna whispers to me in private. Let's see if this photo session is any different than the others.

So Jenna tosses her blue top to the side and starts unbuttoning her short jean shorts. She is also wearing white knee high socks that look super sexy on her. And before long the jean shorts fall around her ankles and Jenna is standing before us on the white fur rug in only a blue thong and knee high socks. A very nice look indeed. Jenna then turns around to give us an even better view. She bends over and starts sliding down the panties so we get to see her sexy bare ass as she gives the camera a naughty look over her shoulder.

Jenna lets the panties fall to the floor and steps out of them. She then positions her naked self on the bed, laying back against the purple pillows. She slowly spreads her legs open wide and gives us a glimpse of the beautiful slit between her thighs. Then Jenna reaches behind the pillow and retrieves a purples vibrating toy. She slowly touches it to her clit and instantly, she starts moaning with pleasure. Watch Jenna make herself all wet, only at
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