Jessie Rogers is an eighteen year old California girl with Brazilian heritage. She just recently graduated high school and is now expanding her horizons by showing off her hot body and gorgeous face in a series of nude photo shoots for In this particular photo session, Jessie dressed herself up in a black and blue lingerie set that consisted of a black and blue bra with a matching silk skirt and black fish net stockings that were connected to a black garter belt. "I seriously love these stockings!" Jessie exclaimed excitedly as she examined herself in a mirror just before her photo shoot. "Fish net stockings are my ultimate fetish!" She said. Jessie certainly wore them well, that's for sure.

Jessie sat down in a chair and slowly spread her legs open, giving the camera an up-the-skirt shot of her sheer black thong. She reached back to unclasp her bra and soon her small and sexy titties were exposed for all to see. Everyone was quite impressed with her set of perky tits and her tan lines that proved that she had been tanning in a very small, strapless bikini top. jessie looked down at the camera and flashed her dazzling white smile. Then, the topless Jessie ran her hands over her breasts and down her flat stomach to her panties which she then proceeded to take off.

Jessie stood up to let the panties fall to the floor around her ankles. Standing there fully naked except for the fish net stockings, Jessie looked extremely sexy. Her bronze skin glowed in the lighting which accentuated her every curve. Jessie turned around and shook her booty for the camera. She giggled and threw a naughty look over her shoulder as she reached back with one hand to give her nice ass a little spank and a spread. If you're like me and can't get enough of this gorgeous hottie, check out all her sexually explicit pictures and videos right now at
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Jessie Rogers is originally from Brazil but was raised in California-and it shows. What is it about those Brazilian girls? Almost every female from Brazil seems to be drop dead gorgeous. And Jessie is the perfect example. She is eighteen years old and sweet as can be. Beautiful with a great personality to go with her amazing looks. It doesn't get much better than that. Her long blonde curls hung down past her shoulders and her skin was the perfect shade of golden bronze. She was dressed up in pink and green lingerie that you could almost see through. It teased the eye by giving glimpses of her pink nipples.

Jessie started off her strip tease by turning around and showing off her amazingly nice ass in the sheer lace panties. Slowly she slid the panties over her incredible curves and displayed her sexy tan lines. It looked like she had been tanning in the tiniest bikini known to man. Her ass was definitely a perfect ten in my book. Just the right shape and size. The kind of ass that gives you the uncontrollable urge to spank it. Jessie tossed her mane of blonde curls over her shoulder and turned to give the camera a sultry look. She looked smoking hot and knew it which seemed to give her even more sex appeal. The panties dropped to the floor and Jessie reached up to untie her top.

When her top fell to the floor, Jessie turned around to show off the full frontal shot. Her small tits were perky and sexy and displayed another set of tiny tan lines. Her pink pussy was completely shaved and was, like the rest of her body, perfect. Jessie sat down on the side of the bath tub and leaned back against the mirrored wall, which made it look like there was two of her-every man's fantasy! Then Jessie started spreading legs open slowly, exposing all the hotness between her legs. See more of the beautiful Jessie Rogers now, only at
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