Jillian is a smoking hot brunette with a killer a body. She is twenty two years old and lives in Russia. She likes to keep her hot body in top shape by jogging everyday and doing yoga at least once a week. Because of this, Jillian is not shy at all about stripping off all her clothes and showing off her naked body in front of the camera. There is nothing sexier to me than a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. In this naughty photo shoot Jillian danced around topless, wearing only a short ruffled skirt and pair of socks and tennis shoes. Her full, round breasts bounced erotically as she moved. Her pink nipples were nice and hard and perfectly sexy.

Jillian crawled up on top of the glass coffee table in the living room and began posing provocatively. Soon, Jillian started peeling off her white mini skirt. She was not wearing panties underneath so before long Jillian was posing completely naked except for her socks and shoes. She sat back and slowly and sensually spread her legs open to the camera, exposing her hot pink pussy that was fully shaved. Jillian then picked up a bottle of baby oil and squirted it across her chest, letting the oil drip down onto her ripe breasts and hard nipples. Jillian caressed the oil into her tits in very sensual way. Then the oil began dripping further down her hot body and Jillian's hands followed.

Jillian rubbed the body oil into her washboard abb'd stomach. Then she got up on her knees, turned around, and said over her shoulder; "I want to pose in my favorite sexual position." She said to the camera man. "Can you guess what position that might be?" She asked with a naughty look in her eyes. The camera man smiled back at her knowingly. "Doggy style!" Jillian said and with that she positioned herself on top of the glass table on her hands and knees with her curvy, round ass facing toward the camera. She bounced her ass up and down, teasing the camera and the man behind it and all of you. See the entire set from this photo shoot plus a whole lot more, only at Nubiles.net.
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Jillian is a twenty-two year old, brunette beauty born and raised in Russia. One of Jillian's favorite forms of relaxation is to curl up in her bed with a really good erotic book. "I love to read naughty books." Jillian said with a sexy smile, "Its the best way to get myself in the mood to play!" She looked super hot in the short pink dress she was wearing. It accentuated every curve on her voluptuous body. Jillian also had a gorgeous face that was framed by her long, dark brown hair. Because of Jillian's love of erotic books we decided to capture it all on camera-Jillian in bed with a naughty book, doing naughty things.

After reading only a few pages, Jillian felt herself becoming horny as usual. "Works every time." She said smiling. She then began to untie her halter dress from the the back of her neck. She peeled the dress down and revealed to the camera her full, perky tits and erect nipples. "I have a nice rack, yes?" Jillian asked the camera man giggling girlishly. Yes, she did indeed have a very 'nice rack.' Jillian peeled the dress down further, showing off her flat tummy before letting the dress drop all the way down onto the bed. She was not wearing panties underneath so her shaved pussy was fully exposed and it was even nicer than her rack if you can believe that. Jillian then produced a pink vibrating toy from behind a pillow. "Now the fun really starts!" Jillian said with another giggle. She had a very sensual look in her bedroom eyes that made you excited at what she might do next.

Jillian got the toy nice and wet before bringing it down between her legs. She teased her clit and the camera for a few minutes before she decided to get a better grip on herself on her hands and knees in doggy style position. She stuck her nice, round ass up in the air and spread herself open wide. Then she brought the pink toy to the slit between her legs and slowly, she slid it inside herself. It felt so good in her tight pussy that Jillian couldn't help herself from letting out a moan filled with pleasure. Soon, Jillian was pounding her pussy hard with the toy, bringing herself to an explosive orgasm. See this sexually explicit scene for yourself right now, only at Nubiles.net.
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