British hottie, Keithy from the United Kingdom, turned up the heat in this incredibly sexy photo shoot of the blonde babe dressed up in a gorgeous white silk dress and matching white, high-heeled sandals. The clean white material looked amazing against Keithy's bronzed skin and it also made Keithy look sweet and innocent and almost virginal. That is, until she pulled the dress up to her thighs and straddled the back of a chair. She was not wearing panties underneath the dress and the contrast was pure sexiness. "I am definitely not a virgin!" Keithy said as she pulled the dress up higher to show off her curvy, bare ass. "I lost my virginity at seventeen and I never looked back!"

Keithy slid the straps of the dress off her shoulders one by one and let her perky tits pop out the top. Then she walked around to the front of the chair and turned so that her nice ass faced the camera. She hiked the dress up higher so that it rested on top of her bare ass. Then she climbed onto the chair and bent over, giving us an up-the-skirt view of everything between her legs. Her pink pussy was completely shaved and looked completely fuckable in the position Keithy was in. Her legs were up in the air with her ankles crossed. She turned to the camera and smiled sweetly.

Keithy slid off the chair and stood up in front of it. She peeled the dress down below her sexy hips and let it fall to the floor. Naked, her tan skin glowed in the sun light that was shining into the room. Keithy reached down to pick the white dress up off the floor and carefully hung on the back of the chair. "I want it to stay white." She explained smiling. Then she got down on her knees and spread her legs open wide. See the rest of this super hot photo shoot, only at
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Twenty year old Keithy is a hot blond from the UK. She was a cheerleader in high school and she still likes to work out as much as possible to keep her hot body in top shape. "I really enjoy getting naked and showing off my body." Keithy tells us, "Especially when I work hard to keep it looking hot." Keithy probably doesn't have to work that hard to keep herself looking hot though. She has one of those bodies that are just naturally sexy. All tight, smooth, and tan skin everywhere. Full pair of breasts, flat stomach with a pierced belly button, long sexy legs. Keithy is definitely a hottie with a body especially in this set of sexually explicit photos that display Keithy posing in nothing but a pair of multi colored knee-high socks.

Keithy leaned back against the lounge chair as the camera started snapping away. She slowly started to run her hand down her body; over her breasts and down her stomach, while at the same time, slowly spreading her legs open wide. She ran a finger from her pierced naval to her shaved pussy. She drew little circles above her clit with one finger, teasing herself and the camera. She started giggling. "That tickles." She explained which actually made her giggle more. She leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and reached her hand down once again. This time she didn't giggle though. She started rubbing her clit hard and fast until she could feel herself becoming hot and moist. Then she started moaning with pleasure.

Keithy reached her hand underneath one of her legs to get a better reach on herself. Her legs were spread open wide in a super flexible position. Keithy then slipped a finger into the silky wetness between her thighs. Her moans became louder and louder as she continued to finger bang her wet pussy. You could see that she was getting closer and closer to a huge orgasm. See it for yourself as Keithy gets herself all worked up in this smoking hot photo set and more, only at
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