Kiki Kandy is a sweet nineteen year old girl from Nebraska. She enjoys camping, hiking, and horseback riding. So on this beautiful sunny day, we decided that an outdoor photo shoot would be very fitting for the hottie who likes the great outdoors. Kiki was more than thrilled. She dressed up her nubile body in a white virginal sundress with obviously no bra underneath and she topped the look off with an orange wild flower in her hair. She looked angelic, almost innocent. And as we walked to the nearby creek I asked Kiki just how innocent she really was. Kiki replied; "I actually waited until I was eighteen to lose my virginity and when I did I was like- wow! I've really been missing out! So I've been making up for lost time ever since."

Once we arrived at the creek, Kiki positioned herself on some rocks with her toes dipped in the cool water. Then she cooled herself off even more by slipping the straps of her sundress off of her shoulders. Her large pair of white breasts popped out in the bright sunlight. Kiki rubbed her hands from her shoulders down to her chest, caressed her nipples and in between her tits. In the bright sun light by the water, it was a very erotic scene. "It feels good to get naked out side!" Kiki called out to me. And it looked pretty good too.

Just then Kiki stood up and started walking over to where the wild flowers were growing. Her bare tits bounced erotically with each step. The camera followed her every move. You could see everything with the sun light shining through the transparent white dress. Kiki bent over to pick more flowers for her hair and the camera captured it all. Was Kiki wearing panties under her sundress? You will want to find out for yourself, and it is only at
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Kiki Kandy is a nineteen year old Nebraska girl who likes to play with big guns. "Guns and camouflage are equally sexy to me." Kiki tells us. And this is why we had Kiki's hot body fully decked out in some hot ass military gear and holding a big gun that could blow your ass away. "I feel like a very bad girl with this gun in my hand." Kiki said, putting on a pair of huge aviator sunglasses to top off the army outfit. She then started posing provocatively in front of the camera, looking like a real bad ass. A sexy bad ass. "I think it's time to start getting naked now." Kiki said after a few minutes of posing. Everyone agreed.

Kiki set aside her huge gun and slipped off the sunglasses, exposing her sexy blue eyes. Then she slid one of the straps of her camouflage top off and a nice big tit popped out. The other followed soon after, causing an excitement amongst the males on the set. A military style dog tag hung erotically between her large breasts. Kiki smiled and continued to pose away, showing off her nice rack at all different angles. They bounced with every move she made, which made her giggle girlishly. Kiki finally got the tank top all the way off and tossed it to the side along with the discarded gun and sunglasses.

The now topless Kiki turned around to show off her tight ass in tight denim short shorts with an army green holster strapped around her small waist. The shorts were so tight that her ass cheeks were practically popping out the bottom, straining to get free of the tight confines of denim. Kiki caressed her hands across her hot body, giving the camera man a good strip tease. She rested her hands on her hips and threw a naughty look over her shoulder. "Time to get get naked!" She said with a smile. Watch as Kiki gets fully nude just for you, only at
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