Twenty-one year old hottie, Laney Rose, was born and raised right here in the United States. She's a sweet heart with a very naughty side to her. The perfect blend of naughty and nice. A combination that every guy looks for in a girl. Not only only is Laney naughty and nice, she is also drop dead gorgeous. She has an angelic-like face, a body that is both hot and adorable, along with enough tattoos to make one think of her as a bad ass bitch but not so many that people think of her as a motorcycle riding bull dyke. She has dark brown hair that falls down to her waist in loose curls, her eyes are dark brown and sensual, and her skin is beautifully bronzed. In this sexually explicit photo shoot, Laney was dressed up in a bright yellow tube top and a pair of white shorts that were so see-through that you could see that she was wearing a matching yellow thong underneath them. She also wore a colorful necklace and white bracelets. She looked amazing.

The first article of clothing Laney stripped off was her white shorts. Sure enough, Laney was wearing a yellow thong underneath that was the same color yellow as her tube top. "Yellow is definitely one of my favorite colors if you couldn't already tell." Laney said with a sweet smile. She then turned around to give the camera a shot of her nice ass which looked super hot in the yellow thong and Laney showed it off to it's fullest extent. She shook her hips and bounced up and down making her booty jiggle in the most erotic way. Then Laney turned back around to face the camera and started sliding off her thong. It dropped to the floor and Laney's shaved pussy was revealed. It was just like the rest of her body-hot as fuck.

Laney pulled her tub top off and exposed her cute and tiny titties. Fully naked, Laney then took a seat on the white couch and spread her legs open wide. Her puffy pussy lips looked like they wanted desperately to be fucked hard. Laney must have been feeling the same way because at that precise moment she pulled out a big, rubber dildo that was pink and shiny and looked a lot like the infamous rabbit sex toy. Laney brought the toy to her lips, stuck her tongue out, and licked it from top to bottom. She then began sucking on it hungrily. Watch Laney use this toy on her horny pussy right now at!
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Twenty-one-year-old Laney Rose is a bad ass, tattooed chick who has two passions in life; rock-n-roll music and kinky sex. "I love to be handcuffed and blind folded and spanked with whips." Laney said as she stood in front of the camera stripping off her tank-top. Topless, Laney showed off her cute and tiny tits. "I call these my ittie bittie titties." Laney said giggling and pinching her little nipples. "You'd be surprised by how many guys tell me they actually prefer my small, natural tits to girls with huge, fake ones." Laney threw her long dark hair over one shoulder to give the camera a better look her ittie bitties. She looked smoking hot in a pair of black lace boy shorts and black fishnet stockings.

Laney did not leave her booty shorts on for very long. She soon got right to work sliding them down over her stockings and letting them drop to the floor around her ankles. Laney stepped out of the panties and started showing off her hot pink pussy which was fully exposed and it was smoking hot and completely shaved. Then Laney turned around to give the camera the view from the back. Laney's booty was just as hot as the rest of her body, but unlike her tits, Laney's ass was not itty bitty. In fact, it was phat- pretty, hot, and tempting. Laney reached back to grab her ass cheeks and, with both hands, she spread herself open wide. Her booty hole was very very tempting indeed! Laney smiled over her shoulder and said, "You like my cum dump?"

Laney continued to wow everyone with her seductive poses and erotic strip tease motions. She also wowed us with her extremely naughty mouth. Laney seemed to enjoy shocking people by saying the most outrageous and dirty things she could think of. It was way hot. I think I may have a fetish for hot chicks that like to talk dirty and Laney is the perfect example of that kind of chick. After showing off her booty and booty hole in every position possible, Laney turned back around and showed off her hot body from the full frontal angle. She sat down on a leather seat, spread her legs open, and then, with two fingers, she spread her pussy open as well. Laney then began caressing her horny clit and before we knew it, Laney was letting out moans filled with pleasure and her pussy was beginning to drip with pre-cum. Watch what happens next in this sexually explicit photo/video set, only at
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