Nineteen year old brunette beauty, Lexi Bloom is looking sweet and sexy today as she strips in the bathroom preparing for a warm bubble bath. I walked in on her as she was just getting off her clothes. She stood topless in front of the tub, clad in only a white silk thong and big white smile. Her dark brown eyes were lit up and as sparkly as her diamond belly button ring. "Wanna shoot me in the bath?" Lexi asked me and of course I said yes. Once I had my camera was all ready to go, Lexi started smiling and posing, grabbing her amazing pair of full tits and squeezing the nipples making them stand out, erotically hard.

Lexi turned the water on and climbed up onto the side of the tub, posing from above giving me some great shots.
She was having a blast, laughing and smiling and twirling around like a pretty naked ballerina. Then she turned around on the side of tub and faced her nice ass toward the camera. She bent over and slowly peeled down the silk thong, putting her firm, round ass on full display. She tossed the thong to the side, making her completely naked now and she looked even more amazing than before.

Once the tub was filled with bubbles, Lexi hauled her naked ass in and started lathering up her hot body, all the while playing to the camera and making cute and sensual faces. She rubbed the bubbles all over her chest, her breasts, down her flat stomach, and all over her sexy legs. Then she parted those sexy legs, giving me an amazing view of her hot, shaved pussy. This is one set you will not want to miss so check it out now, only at
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Lexi Bloom is a nineteen year old brunette hottie from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. She lists her hobbies as; dancing, reading, and boys. Meaning; she is in shape, smart, and she puts out. Right? And I'm glad she does because it would be a terrible crime not to show off that banging body of her's. I mean, just look at it! Incredible. "My tits are probably my favorite part of my body." Lexi tells me as she takes her top off and tosses it aside. "Boys seem to like them a lot." Well, we can definitely see why. Full and round with lovely hard nipples on a lovely hard body. It doesn't get much better than this. Or maybe it does. Just then Lexi unzipped her denim shorts to show us the bright pink panties she had on underneath. That's some hot stuff!

Lexi let the denim shorts fall around her ankles and she stepped out of them in her white knee high socks with pink and yellow stripes at the top. After kicking the discarded shorts aside, Lexi turned around to show off her amazing ass in the bright pink panties. It was round, plump, and firm. The kind of ass you really want to spank. Lexi giggled a little. She bent over and started sliding the panties down, exposing her bare ass that looked even better without the pink panties. The panties slid down Lexi's nice legs and fell to the floor.

Now Lexi was completely naked except for the knee high socks and she looked damn good too. Her body was incredibly voluptuous and curvy. After posing in front of the pink covered bed for awhile, Lexi decided to make herself more comfortable on top of the bed. She lay on her back, looking up into the camera in all her nudity. Slowly she spread her legs open, giving us a good look at her sexy, shaved pussy. Lexi ran her hands over her hot body and smiled her dazzling smile into the camera. See more of this banging beauty now, only at
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