Lindsey Olsen is a twenty-one-year old cutie pie who likes to show off her crazy hot body. "I try to stay in really good shape." Lindsey told us. "I like running, bike riding, dancing, yoga, pretty much anything active." Well it certainly shows especially in this smoking hot photo and video shoot of Lindsey stripping in the kitchen. She sat down in indian style on the counter top, wearing a white strapless top with peach colored, lace leggings, holding a lemon in her hand. She was barefoot and her cute toes were painted a bright red. She smiled a sexy smile into the camera before she began peeling down her top.

Lindsey's pair of full ripe breasts popped out the top of her tube top. She tossed her long dark mane of hair over her shoulder to give the camera a better view of her hot tits. Then she turned on her side and leaned on one hand. Her curvy, round ass was visible from this angle and looked super hot through the sheer leggings. With her other hand, Lindsey then reached back and pulled down the leggings so that her juicy ass popped out over the top. She smiled a naughty smile at the camera and said; "Not bad, right?" Nope, not bad at all!

Lindsey then peeled her leggings down the rest of the way off and tossed them behind her on the counter. Then slowly and seductively, Lindsey opened up her legs to the camera, exposing her smoothly, shaved pussy. She grabbed on to the faucet that was between her legs and balanced herself up onto her toes in a sexy ballet position. "This is how I like to ride my boyfriend's cock." Lindsey said giggling and bouncing up and down on her toes. Her tits bounced up and down erotically as well. See even more of Lindsey's sexually explicit antics, only at
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Lindsey Olsen is a twenty-one-year old, brunette hottie who lives in Russia. Her dream fantasy is to try out lots of kinky, fun things in the bedroom. So in this hot and sexy photo and video shoot, Lindsey was extra excited to get nice and naughty with her boyfriend on camera. She arrived on the set wearing a denim mini skirt, yellow and white striped t-shirt, and a pair of white leg warmers. As soon as he sat down on the couch, Lindsey sat down on his face. She just got right up on the sofa, straddled her legs around his head, hiked up her mini skirt, (she was not wearing panties underneath) and lowered her hot pussy onto his face. He went right to work with his hands on her thighs, licking her in all the places he knew she liked. And Lindsey sure did like it all right!

So after that sexcapade went down, Lindsey decided to return the favor. So she went down on him. But first she stripped off all her clothes and let them fall to the floor around her. She left on her white leg warmers though. This seemed to arouse Lindsey's boyfriend and so she then got on her knees next to him on the couch and slowly and erotically unzipped his fly. He leaned back and made himself comfortable as Lindsey took out his hard cock and put him into her mouth. She stroked him, sucked him, and licked him up and down, just as he had done for her.

Lindsey was giving her boyfriend such an amazing blow job that he had to make her stop a few different times because he wanted to last as long as possible. Finally after the third time, Lindsey stopped, looked up at him, smiled, and said, "Let's fuck." He happily agreed and stroked her silky hair. See the whole sex scene in this hardcore video and picture set, only at
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