Lisa Smiles has all the curves that every girl wishes she possessed. Her large breasts are a good C cup and the push-up bra she wears in this sexually explicit photo shoot makes her large tits look even more full that they already are and bra also gives her even more cleavage than she already has. The nineteen-year-old hottie is from Russia and she knows just how to please and man. She knows even more about how to turn a man on. "I just sway my body in front of him." Lisa said, "It works every time. Especially when I bounce my tits in his face." She said giggling.

Lisa began unbuttoning her white blouse, one button at a time, starting at the top. Even this act, Lisa did with sensuality. Once her blouse was full unbuttoned and Lisa's push-up bra was fully revealed, Lisa started swaying her sexy hips back and forth, bouncing her big tits as she did so. She wore a very short denim skirt. Lisa shed the blouse and it dropped to the floor. Her tummy was as equally sexy as the rest of Lisa's hot body with a pierced naval which added even more sex appeal. Lisa lowered her bra so that her full tits and medium sized pink nipples popped out the top.

Lisa tossed the strapless bra to the side. She then turned around, still swaying her hips back and forth in a mesmerizing way. With her juicy, round ass facing the camera, Lisa began lowering her denim skirt. Soon she had revealed to the camera the white thong that she wore underneath her denim skirt. Lisa turned to the side, giving the camera a great shot at her side boob. She dropped the denim skirt and shook her nice, round ass in the white thong. See what other naughty things Lisa does for the camera, only at
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Sexy nineteen year old, Lisa Smiles is a gorgeous girl with a petite and tight little body that she just loves to show off for that camera. In this photo set, Lisa looked extra sexy in a pink and white lingerie bra and panty set that accentuated all her many womanly curves. Lisa had silky, auburn hair that hung all the way down to her small waist as she posed in front of a sofa with bright green cushions decorating it. Lisa had washboard abs and a sexy pierced belly button to go along with all her many other titillating qualities.

Lisa began her strip tease by reaching her hands back to unhook her bra. Once it fell to the floor, Lisa's large and full breasts became fully exposed and they were certainly no disappointment to anyone who might have been lucky enough to see them. She had medium sized pink nipples, which Lisa then presumed to rub with her finger tips, making them stand out, hard and erect. Lisa then caressed her hands down her torso toward her snatch. She then hooked her thumbs into the lace boy shorts she wore. She continued to tease the camera by lowering them only enough to show that she did like to shave her hot pussy.

Lisa spun around, her big tits bouncing as she did so. Her round booty was now facing the camera. Lisa gave the camera a very naughty look over her shoulder before lowering her boy shorts even more so that everything in between her legs was now on full display. As suggested, her pink pussy was indeed fully shaved and it was sexy as could be. Lisa brought a hand up to give her own ass a nice little spank. She winked at the camera before continuing to strip down to nothing . See the rest of this sexually explicit photo shoot and more right now only at
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