Melissa Delancey is looking super pretty in pink in this classically sexy photo shoot. The twenty year old UK beauty is busting out of a baby pink corset made of silk and lace with a matching pink garter belt and pink thigh-high stockings. I really love this look; classy, girly, and sexy all rolled into one tight little package. Melissa's English accent and English way of carrying herself makes her come off as extremely delicate and lady like, combined with sexy lingerie and naughty bedroom eyes equals-huge turn on. Especially when she smiles into the camera and lifts the bottom ruffle of her corset to flash some thigh. Hot!

Melissa sat on a stool with stocking clad legs spread open wide, displaying her pink panties with the very thin material hardly covering the sweetness between her legs. It was a delicious tease. Melissa ran her hands from her neck down to her large breasts which were trying desperately to escape the confines of her tight corset. She slipped the straps off her shoulders and set her tits free by peeling down the top of the corset. They popped out and bounced ever so slightly. Her nipples were pink, matching the rest of Melissa's look. She then ran her hands down to her open thighs. Smiling, she slowly pulled the panties to the side, exposing her shaved pussy which was also (you guessed it!) pink.

Melissa let go of the panties and they snapped back, covering her pussy back up again. Then she unhooked the garter belt, freeing her stockings one by one. Melissa stood slowly, seductively. She had a way of making one very excited and practically begging for more. I think she knew this because she kept giving the camera naughty little smiles. She lifted the corset, exposing her flat tummy and pierced naval. Hooking a thumb into the side of her panties, Melissa said; "Shall I show you my twat again?" See the rest and more, only at!
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Melissa Delancey is a twenty year old who is hot, blond, and from the UK. She is into all sorts of fun and kinky things including, but not limited to; girls, threesomes, blow jobs, anal. There isn't a whole lot this little lady hasn't tried so don't be fooled by that sweet and innocent smile; Melissa is a lot more naughty than she looks. And that is just what we like about her. In this particular photo session, Melissa is up to her usual naughtiness, spread out on the blue silk bed, lathering up her hot body with baby oil. Hot girls all shiny and oiled up are actually a fetish of mine, especially when they get naked. So, yay!

Melissa rubbed the oil all over the exposed parts of her body but she soon decided that she should expose more. Everyone happened to agree with this idea. So off went her top, over her head and onto the floor. She had quite an incredible pair of full round breasts with good sized, hard nipples. They caused a stirring amongst everyone on the shoot, mostly men, and Melissa smiled. She was becoming more comfortable in front of the camera, especially topless. So much so in fact that Melissa was running her hands over her flat, naval pierced tummy, playing with her bright pink panties, the last article of clothing she had on.

Melissa continued teasing the camera, pulling on the panties, giving quick flashes here and there until she finally lay back against the pillows and surrendered to her desires. She lifted her legs up into the air, pointing her toes. Then she slid the panties all the way down to her thighs, exposing everything between her legs. She looked into the camera with a playful smile as she reached her hands down to spread open her hot pink pussy. Nice and shiny just like her body from the baby oil. See Melissa get even more naked, only at
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