Busty brunette, Missi Daniels is looking cute as can be in a bright green tank top, colorful lady bug panties, and a very pretty smile. She posed for the camera with her tank top pulled up over her full breasts, large areolas fully exposed above her flat tummy and sexy hips. Along with her smoking hot body, Missi is also is into all sorts of fun and naughty things such as girls and threesomes for instance. Apparently Missi has already been with eight girls! Pretty impressive for a twenty-one year old girl from Seattle. "Even though I prefer sex with guys, I would definitely consider myself a bisexual. Sex with girls can get me really turned on." Missi confides to us. So, this chick is more than just a pretty face.

Missi started sliding the panties down over her curvy hips, exposing her shaved pussy for the camera and for everyone on the set. It was a very nice view that got even nicer when Missi turned around to show off her round, bare ass. She stretched out sideways on a bench seat, directing that nice ass toward the camera and toward her captivated audience. "Looks good enough to spank doesn't it?" Missi said, smiling playfully. Of course everyone agreed with her. Missi then reached back and slapped her own ass, making an erotic spanking sound. She giggled. "I love being spanked!"

Missi rolled over and slowly opened her legs, putting her hot pussy on full display, front and center. She threw one leg up on the bench, the other foot on the floor, giving the camera an even better view of the sexy slit between her luscious legs. That spanking must have gotten Missi pretty turned on because you could see that her pussy was becoming moist. She ran her hands slowly over her full breasts, twisted her nips, then ran them down her tummy, and finally rested them between her thighs. She then started rubbing her clit, making herself more and more wet. And it gets even better. See it all for yourself right now, only at Nubiles.net.
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Missi Daniels is a smoking hot twenty one year old babe from Seattle, Washington and she is stripping down to nothing and being a very naughty girl for us today. The brunette beauty loves to show off her hot body almost as much as she loves to pleasure herself. "Sometimes I masturbate six to ten times a day." Missi tells us. "And I have been doing that since I was about thirteen years old." That's quite impressive. Missi positions herself in front of the camera, wearing a tiny pair of black panties and a turquoise t-shirt. She smiles brightly and pulls the top up over her nice rack and lets the shirt rest on top of her full, round tits. Hands on her hips, Missi gives the camera another smile and says; "Action!"

She keeps the shirt on, pulled up over her full breasts with their nice large nipples. Missi peels off the black panties and lets them fall to the floor around her ankles. She steps out of them and kicks them aside. Then Missi positions herself on the floor, laying on her side. She opens her legs up to the camera, putting her shaved pussy on full display. Her wetness showed how turned on and horny she was getting so it was no surprise when she asked for a toy to play with. Missi rubbed the blue vibrator all over her horny box, making herself moan with pleasure.

Missi teased her clit bringing herself so close to orgasm but stopping just before. After doing this a few times, Missi sat up and took off her shirt and tossed it aside. Now completely naked, she sat down on the zebra print stool, blue toy in her hand. She gave the camera a sexy smile and opened her legs up once again. "Ready to watch me cum now?" Missi said with a naughty wink. We were more than ready. Are you? Check her out now, only at Nubiles.net.
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"I love having my nipples licked like that. Its sends shivers all through my body." Missi Daniels tells her lover this as he starts to get her naked. Not even waiting to hit the bedroom to do the dirty deed. He can't wait to stick his hard cock inside her moist, wet pussy over and over. You can see the goose bumps on her tits and he gently sucks away and caresses her medium size tits in his hands. Her long brown hair rests against her tanned skin and gently tickles her as well.

He bends Missi over after he gets her completely naked. Look how nice and tight her ass looks as she bent over. Her sideboob looks especially inviting with her big aerolas also sticking out. "Come on and fuck me harder. I love when A guys knows what they are doing but makes sure to let me cum first. I don't care how you do it as long as you can hold off as long as I can." I think he can handle Missi very well as you can tell from the expression on her face. A look of pure joy and fulfilment as she moans more and more.

"That's it, don't stop. I am almost there!" The anticipation is killing her lover. He can't wait for Missy to scream and have the best orgasm she's ever had. And we know you can't wait either. If you want to see this extremely hot hardcore video, then go check it out, only at Nubiles.net.
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