Twenty year old cutie pie, Nicole Rider looked pretty in pink one morning as she stood in the kitchen trying to decide on what to make for breakfast. The longer she stood there, the more she realized that it wasn't food she was craving at all. She felt a familiar stirring in the usual places. Something like morning wood, but the female version. Before she realized what she was doing, Nicole was suddenly stripping off her pink outfit, slipping off her pink flip flops, and throwing pink garments on the floor. Soon Nicole was standing topless in her kitchen, wearing only a pair of pink cotton panties.

Nicole began to rub herself through the cotton panties and before long she was slipping them off as well. She could feel her hot pussy becoming moist and she felt herself getting more and more turned on. Nicole was now completely naked and she decided to hop up on the kitchen counter to get a better angle to touch herself. First she stroked her own full breasts, making her good sized nipples stand out, erect. Then she ran her hands down to her nice ass and teased herself, slowly touching her fingers to the most horny spots. She was very wet now and very hot and bothered.

Nicole slid off the kitchen counter and got down on the floor on her hands and knees in doggy style position. She stuck her nice ass up into the air and reached her hand down to rub her pussy some more. Nicole loved the way it felt from this angle and it was not long before she was breathing heavily, gasping for breath, and letting out little moans of pleasure. See Nicole's hot as fuck orgasm for yourself right now, only at
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Twenty year old Nicole Rider was looking super sexy one afternoon, lounging around the house in a tight, green tank top and white short shorts. Her hard nipples were visible through the tank top, proving that Nicole was certainly feeling horny. She had just watched one of her favorite movies starring her favorite actor, Jake Gyllenhal. His movies always seemed to make her feel horny. Nicole noted that nobody would be home for quite awhile so she made herself comfortable on a red lounge chair and started unbuttoning her white shorts.

She slid out of the shorts first and then the green and white panties until she had only her green tank top on. She pulled it up over her generous pair of round breasts, stroking her nipples as she did so. Nicole was enjoying teasing herself by not touching between her legs just yet, and only playing with her nipples. But soon her horniness turned into a burning desire and she could not stand it any longer. So she reached for her favorite blue vibrator and turned it on to low speed.

Slowly, Nicole touched the toy to her clit, making her pussy even more wet than it was to begin with. Nicole had gotten herself so worked up that it didn't take long for her body to respond to the vibrations, resulting in an amazing orgasm. Nicole smiled to herself and decided she wanted to do it again. She took her tank top all the way off and tossed it aside, cooling herself off a bit. Nicole picked up her toy again, this time turning it on to a higher speed. She then touched it to her wet pussy once again. See Nicole's second orgasm for yourself, only at
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Twenty year old New Jersey native, Nicole Rider loves having her nipples played with. Her man loves it too. Her breasts are so nice and perky, who wouldn't want to play with them and twist the nipples to make them stand out, hard? Nicole rubs her fingers over her pink polka dot panties as her man continues to fondle her breasts. She is feeling super horny, more so by the second. She can't wait to strip the pink panties off and show him the tight pink pussy she has waiting just for him. She rubs herself harder through the material and feels herself becoming more and more wet.

"I think you need to rip these panties off." Nicole says to her lover. He does as she asks without any hesitation. Then he strips off the rest of his clothes and turns her over on her side. After feeling her dripping wet pussy with his hand, he enters her from behind, slowly at first. Nicole moans loudly. She loves the way his hard cock feels inside her juicy box. Her man grips her nice ass and continues to pound her, faster and faster, harder and harder. "Oh yeah!" Nicole says, "Just like that!"

The two pounded away like this for awhile longer until Nicole suggested they switch positions. Both their bodies were hot and covered in sweat but they were still ready for more. Nicole got on all fours in doggy style position, sticking her cute, round ass up in the air. Her man entered her again from behind, this time not as slowly. He pumped away, in and out, as Nicole moaned loudly until he brought her to a mind blowing orgasm that left her tingling and smiling with delight. If you thought that was hot then you will definitely want to check out the rest of this steamy sex session and you can find it only at
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