Sexy 22 year old Petty has a tight rockin' body and sweet but sensual disposition. She keeps her body in such great shape by dancing whenever she gets a chance. "I've wanted to be a dancer since I was a little girl," she tell us. "In fact, my dream job would be a dancer for one of my favorite musicians, somebody like Madonna." She giggles sweetly as she continues to talk about how she used to make up her own dance routines as a child and put on shows for her family. I have no doubt she would make a great dancer someday, but for now I'm just glad she's decided to do nude modelling 'cause I just adore Petty. Sitting there on the sofa in her apple-spotted strapless top and short yellow skirt, she looks so seductive and so innocent at the same time.

I ask her what kind of dancing she likes. "Pretty much any kind," she responds. "I love going to clubs with friends, dancing in my bedroom with my stereo blasting... I've even been known to put on a little striptease show if I really like a boy." Then she adds "Of course only in private. I don't dance in strip clubs or anything." When I ask her to give us a taste of what a lucky boy might see in her bedroom, she's happy to oblige. She moves so provocatively, teasing and taking her time as she slowly removes her clothes. Her body is amazing... those perfect round tits, her firm, smooth stomach and long toned legs make for a very tantalizing package.

Soon Petty is down to nothing but her tiny white thong. She kneels on the sofa, back to the camera, and bends over. Propping herself up on the arm of the couch, she reaches back with one hand and slides her thong down over her ass. Her hips are wiggling as we take in the beauty of her tight, curvy ass with her swelling pussy lips peeking out from between. "How did you like my dancing?" she asks as she looks back at the camera with what can only be sexual desire in her eyes. Her nipples are hard and perky and her pussy is getting wet. I'm not sure if it's the cameras or the dancing, but Petty is clearly getting turned on. And she's not the only one. Find out how Petty cures her craving, all in high resolution, only at

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Petty is an exceptionally cute 22 year old from the Czech Republic. Her big dark brown eyes make her look innocent but this girl is fully of dirty little secrets. She's a bit on the shy side in every-day life, but a whole new side of Petty comes out when she models. "People always think I'm completely clueless when it comes to sex and that's just not true," she tells us. "That's one of the reasons I love modelling so much. I love to surprise people." Today Petty is dressed in a short plaid skirt and black high heels that let her perfectly manicured toes peek out. She looks stunning. She settles into the chair and slowly undoes the top two buttons on her plaid top. Her fingers trail from her neck to her chest and catch on the edges of her shirt. She pulls it loosely to the edges of her shoulders and lets it drop on its own. She's not wearing a bra and I have to admit, those are some of the most beautiful tits I've ever seen. And I see a lot of amazing breasts. They're full and ripe and absolutely flawless.

Petty removes her top and plays with her tits and hard nipples for a few minutes as we snap some pictures. She stands and unbuttons her skirt, pulling it down over her hips. She's wearing a simple black thong, which she pulls down slightly in the front, just enough to make me think she's going to take it off. Instead, she hooks her fingers through the side and pulls it out away from her hips, turning at the same time to show off her great little booty. With her plaid skirt still around her thighs, Petty looks over her shoulder and pushes her ass toward the camera. And what an amazing ass it is! So firm and tight. I'm telling you... this girl's entire body is pretty damn near perfect.

Before she turns back to the camera, Petty shakes her tight little ass and gives it a smack. Her skirt falls to the floor and her thong soon follows. Wearing nothing but her sexy black heels, she hops onto the desk and props her long legs onto the chair in front of her. Her legs are lean and tan with just the right amount of muscular tone. In one word... perfection. "I get a lot of compliments on my legs," she says as she runs her hand over the silky smoothness. "But if I had to pick a favorite, I'd say I like my eyes the best." She tilts her head to the side and widens her big eyes just a little more. All I can think is that I'd have a hard time picking any one feature as her best one. Petty has got the whole package and then some. See which parts of her you like best at, updated weekly with some of the most stunning girls you'll find on the net.

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