Roberta is a smoking hot brunette from Russia who really really really likes cucumbers. She was lounging on her couch one Saturday morning enjoying her favorite snack when a gust of wind blew in from an open window causing Roberta's silk night gown to blow up over her bare ass. Because Roberta was not wearing panties underneath her purple nightie, the cool morning breeze startled her and, at the same time, it excited her. Roberta found herself licking her finger and then moving it downward to caress her own body. Roberta had silky, white skin and long, dark brown hair. Her body was slim and slender, her face was pretty and sweet with lips that were both pink and sensual. She was very beautiful with tons of sex appeal.

Roberta touched her finger lightly to her clit and teased her hot pussy. Roberta could feel herself growing more and more excited and her pussy growing more and more wet. Roberta slipped a finger into the pink slit and felt her own silky wetness. Soon, Roberta was finger banging herself harder and harder until she was so horny she couldn't stand it. She needed something bigger to put inside her horny hole. Roberta looked around the room until her eyes rested on the plate of cucumbers next to the couch. She picked one up and examined it. She smiled to herself, feeling like a very naughty girl. With one finger still teasing her wet pussy, Roberta licked the cucumber from top to bottom, making sure she got it fully lubricated.

Once Roberta had made the cucumber dripping wet, she got up and repositioned herself on her hands and knees in doggy style position on the couch. She stuck her curvy round ass up in the air, spread her pink pussy open with hand, and with the other hand she slowly inserted the cucumber into her wet and ready box. It was just what she needed. Roberta began pounding herself harder and harder, making herself wetter and wetter until she was moaning so loudly that she was sure her neighbors could hear her. But Roberta didn't care. It felt so good and she feel herself getting closer and closer to a mind blowing orgasm. See it all for yourself right now, only at
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Roberta is a sweet girl from Russia who really likes to get fucked hard. She is sick and tired of everyone always treating her like a nice, little girl. She wants to have some fun and adventure for a change. She wants to be a bad girl. "For some reason all my friends thinks of me as a young and innocent little kid who knows nothing about anything, especially about sex." Roberta said with a little pout. "And everyone happens to be wrong." She continued, "For your information, I am not a virgin. Actually, I'm really quite experienced. And I'm not as young as I look either. But I'm telling you my age because a lady never reveals her real age." So, to prove her sexual experience, Roberta has decided to have some very naughty pictures taken of herself so that all her friends (and one boy in particular) would see that Roberta did indeed know a thing or two about human sexuality. "I want him to see that I have just as much, if not more, sex appeal than any other girl out there."

Roberta lounged on the bed looking super sexy a red tank top and a plaid mini skirt. On her cute feet she wore a pair of blue and white striped toe socks that would probably turn on any guy with a foot fetish. The camera man went into action and Roberta began posing. She started peeling up her tank top and it soon became clear that Roberta did indeed have more than enough sex appeal. She pulled her tank top up higher and revealed her small and sexy tits. They were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her petite body and her pink nipples were also perfectly sized and perfectly erect. Roberta then lifted up her mini skirt and revealed her nude colored, silk panties. She peeled her panties down and lifted her legs up to give the camera full view of everything in between her sexy white thighs.

Roberta peeled her panties all the off and tossed them aside. Slowly, she parted her thighs and spread her legs open wide and revealed her hot pink pussy that she kept fully shaved. Roberta caressed her perky tits and pinched her hard nipples. She felt herself becoming excited so she decided to really give the camera man a good show. Roberta reached behind her pillow and produced a small pink vibrator. She turned the toy on and brought it down to tease her clit, making her horny pussy more and more wet by the second. Roberta is just getting warmed up so if you want to see the rest of this naughty photo set then go to right now to see it all!
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