Allie James had just recently turned eighteen years old. She was so excited about finally becoming a legal adult that she decided to celebrate this mile stone by showing off her hot body in a naughty nude photo shoot just for us! Yes, we certainly felt lucky because Allie James is one hot blonde who really has got it all going on. From her gorgeous face with those bright green eyes and dazzling white smile to her banging body with those big luscious tits and womanly curves in every direction you look. "Doing a nude photo shoot has always been a sexual fantasy of mine." Allie told us, "So when I finally turned eighteen I figured; what better way to celebrate my birthday than by making one of my sexual fantasies come to life?" So of course we were more than happy to accommodate Allie in fulfilling her birthday wish. When she got in front of the camera and lifted up her orange t-shirt every person on the set was simply in awe of Allie's beautiful pair of full ripe breasts.

Allie smiled her dazzling smile into the camera lens. "This is so much fun!" She exclaimed like an excited kid in a candy store (or maybe a sex toy store in her case) and tossed her orange shirt to the side. Topless with full tits bouncing, Allie tossed her long blonde mane over her shoulder and turned around to show off her cute booty in a pair of white short shorts. She had long sexy legs and peachy white skin. Allie began peeling down her shorts, exposing the top of her bare ass. "No, I'm not wearing panties under these shorts." Allie giggled. "I hardly ever wear panties."

Allie let her shorts fall to the floor around her ankles. She kicked them aside before slowly turning around to face the camera. Just as I had expected, her pink pussy was completely shaved and completely hot as fuck. Allie smiled a naughty little smile and sat her naked ass down on the white couch. Slowly and sensually, she spread her legs open to the camera. She reached up to touch her pink nipples with her pink manicured fingers. After making her nipples nice and hard, Allie ran her hands down her flat tummy until she reach her hot bald box. Watch what Allie does next, only at
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Sasha Hall was looking cute as could be in an outfit that consisted of a pink t-shirt, white cotton briefs, pink and white striped, knee-high socks, and pink sneakers. She posed in front of a baby pink painted wall that matched her ensemble perfectly. The nineteen year old sweet heart likes to relax by laying out by the pool and perfecting her sun tan. "Making sure my whole body is the perfect color of bronze is how I like to spend my free time. It could almost be a full time job for me." Sasha says laughing at herself which is a very sexy quality in my opinion. A girl that can laugh at herself is a girl with a great sense of humor. And Sasha Hall has a lot more going for her than a great sense of humor. Hot body, gorgeous face, and of course, perfectly tan skin.

Sasha didn't spend a whole lot of time in her outfit. As soon as she was in front of the camera, she began stripping off her pink t-shirt and exposing her perky pair of small tits. As soon as the t-shirt was off Sasha started peeling off the white panties. She turned around to give the camera a nice shot of her curvy bare ass. Sasha was now full naked except for the white knee socks and pink sneakers which made her legs look especially hot. Sasha flashed her dazzling white smile and continued striking sexy poses as the camera flashed away.

Sasha then turned around to show the camera her hot pussy which was completely shaved bald. When she climbed up on a high bar stool and started straddling it the camera man requested that she spread her hot pussy open for the camera and of course Sasha was happy to do as he asked. So with both hands, Sasha slowly spread herself open and gave us the full view of her hot pinkness. See how hot this photo set is for yourself right now, only at
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The beautiful, nineteen year old Sasha Hall was getting ready for another day of fun and sun in the gorgeous California sunshine when she was suddenly distracted by a new toy she was sent in the mail by a secret admirer. Sasha left the pile of clothes she had been going through and walked across her bedroom in the nude. She picked up the dildo and examined it with interest. She sat down on the floor, picked up her bottle of lube, and started lathering up the toy, getting it all wet from top to bottom. Sasha was an extremely beautiful girl with long dark hair, tanned skin, and a tight body. The sight of her lubing up a big dildo was really quite a sight to see. Sasha flashed a dazzling smile when she was finished and admired her work.

Slowly, Sasha opened up her legs, exposing her shaved, pink pussy. She lowered the dripping wet toy and brought it down past her pierced belly button and star tattoo, between her sexy thighs, slowly touching it to her clit. She teased herself by rubbing it against clit very slowly and softly at first. Sasha loved to masturbate. It was one of her favorite things to do. She did it at least once a day, sometimes even twice. She closed her eyes and fantasized. She imagined that the toy was Daniel Craig's cock and soon she was rubbing herself harder and faster.

Sasha was getting really worked up now. She felt her pussy becoming more and more wet as she rubbed herself harder and harder. Soon, Sasha was so horny and wet that she had to get on all fours to get a better reach on herself. She inserted the toy into her tight, wet pussy from behind. It felt so good that Sasha couldn't stop the moans of pleasure from escaping from her lips. She arched her back and stuck her round ass up into the air and continued to bang herself. Watch Sasha get herself all the way off, only at
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Nineteen year old Sasha Hall is a voluptuous beauty with long, dark, silky hair, emerald green eyes and bronzed skin from laying out in the California sunshine. Her body is tight yet has curves in all the right places. And she loves to give head. "Blow jobs happen to be my specialty." Sasha said proudly. So we decided to have her prove this to us and she was more than happy to do so. After stripping off every article of clothing off of her vivacious body, Sasha got down on her knees, completely naked, in front of a very lucky stud with an all ready hard erection, and went to work on him. She cupped his balls with one hand and licked and sucked him with her mouth expertly, proving that blow jobs were in fact her specialty.

Sasha sucked his cock until he was moaning desperately for her to stop. She had him so worked up that he suddenly had to grab her by the waist, get down on the floor behind her, and enter his soaked cock into her ready pussy from behind. Sasha purred with delight as he thrust himself in and out of her tight wetness right there on the living room floor. "Wow, you really know how to work it!" Sasha exclaimed, obviously impressed with her lover as he started to pick up speed, fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster.

Sasha started to gasp for breath as her fuck buddy increased his thrusts even more. Her tanned skin was gleaming with sweat and soon Sasha started letting out little moans of intense pleasure which grew louder and louder by the the second. Soon she was screaming as she grew closer and closer to the climax and her lover kept pounding away from behind, his balls swinging and bouncing off her clit which was stimulating her even more, until finally her body was shaking in a long and deep orgasm; one of the best she'd ever experienced before. See it all for yourself in this hot hardcore video, only at
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