What You Can Do to Keep Your Partner Satisfied in Bed

While the most basic activity of humanity may not seem like a subject for research, sex researchers have revealed various reasonable findings of sexuality, like that watching porn enhances attraction among partners, and happy partners have sex at least a few times a week. It is the desire of every person to feel sexually capable and confident, which is the reason we have put together the best sex advice that scientific research has to offer. Below, learn more about how to become better in bed with five simple actions.

  1. Ensure that your partner really feels special

A study conducted in Israel shows that when partners are attentive to each other’s needs they feel thirstier for each other – and they have more sex. Responsiveness might be the key to maintaining a lasting relationship. Scientists suggest that when you feel your partner is sensitive to you, then you see him or her as someone worth keeping and lovable.

  1. Learn that having enjoyable sex needs effort

Research conducted at the University of Toronto studied how the way you express your sexual assumptions makes your sexual chemistry. The findings from the study found out that adult partners who believed that their other half had put in the effort for their sex to become better were more satisfied both in bed and in their relationship. If you fall under this group, it indicates that you cannot let a sex disagreement damage your relationship, thus making it stronger.

  1. Be a tease

Begin with massaging your partner’s back, shoulders, and neck. Then kiss their neck and earlobes while stroking their chest, stomach, and thighs. You can do this for 30 minutes until they are begging for sex.
It bears fruits in the long run: a study conducted in Canada associated caressing to increased sexual satisfaction and a more resilient relationship.

  1. Schedule a sex date

Yes, unplanned sexual acts are sweet. But it is a belief that sex should always be unprompted. People can be busy, and various aspects can restrain you from having sex with your partner. Planning for a sex date can develop excitement and anticipation.

Keep your sex date on a mutual calendar – labeling it with something that reminds both of you one of your best previous moments together is even better. Then as the time nears, send your partner excitement and anticipation texts like “I’ll be there by 8.00. Will I find you naked?”

  1. Augment the relationship with some adrenaline

Plan adjacent activities that allow both of you to connect – for instance, a weekend road trip. Or make it simple and get off from work to inquire into a fun activity. In that activity, you will excite each other. The excitement will make you feel more satisfied with your partner in bed.

There are a lot of things that you can do to keep your partner satisfied in bed, and these are just a few of them.

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